Some of the best plot twists.

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  1. Inspiration from @Indabayou's thread:
    ROLEPLAY - Plot Twists

    What are some good plot twists that you've created? What do you think made them so good? Were you pleased with the outcome and how did your partner react to it?
  2. I'm not very good at making plot twists. I'm usually the one reacting to them.

    There was this one time though where an evil creature (a rakshasah) was impersonating a character of mine. She acted totally out of character until she finally tried to kill her friend. It doesn't sound spectacular buuuut my partner had been shocked. Shocked enough that she cussed multiple times even though she tries not to when I'm around.

    It was awesome.
  3. Remind me to come back to this thread once WBttG finally reaches its climax.

  4. There was this RP with a ticking timer to motivate people to get stronger in a magical prison. A meteor would hit the earth (and the facility our characters were in first) in x number of days. We trained maybe half as much as we should have, and spent the rest of the time slouching around. At some point we got complacent, and the meteor hit. We thought it would never happen, ooc and ic. Our characters didn't see it in the sky the day before, so they got complacent, and we as players thought he wouldn't do it. The meteor hit, everyone died. Slow-clapping it out for that DM.
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