Some of my artisticness.

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  1. I've only got a few things on the internet that I've done in the past. Most of it is from when I was in school.

    This one we had to enlarge a photo, make graphed blocks onto it, and then redraw the picture at that size with a different design or form of line in each block. The overall goal was to create a flowing grid of values to create the finished image. When viewed up close it looks like all of the different designs, but from afar it becomes a single image.

    Waylon Reavis

    In this one I had a stock image of my halloween costume several years ago. I was just learning to use photoshop and was working with glowing sources. I decided to make my eye glowing. P.S. I was an emo kid for halloween...


    Those are the only ones I am willing to share, however there are a few more on my deviant account. Hopefully I will be submitting more stuff as I've started to get back into drawing again.