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  1. Alright, alright.
    If you've been here a while, you all already know I'm a Potterhead.
    (A.K.A Someone obsessed with Harry Potter)

    I'm looking for someone to do a Harry Potter role play with me.
    I had a few going, but my friend isn't going to be able to continue them until sometime later this month,
    and so I'd like to do a few more for right now.

    I only play female OC for my part in the romance, but I can play a character from the series if you want me to.
    I've played as the twins and as Neville.

    The pairings I like for myself are as follows. (Note: * means It's my favorite.)

    Snape x oc (Snape as a professor x a student OC) ****
    Snape x oc (Snape as a student x a student OC)*
    Ron x Oc
    Draco x oc ***
    OC X OC

    I'll double up, meaning I'll play my female OC and either a male character or female character from the series.
    I like romance in my role plays, and I tend to role play in third person.
    I get on a few times a day, so I'll post more than once.
    I don't mind mature/sex scenes, and I can do the rp in adult section.

    I've read all the books at least five times, and seen all the movies.
    I really love the series.

    As for my writing stuff, I prefer to role play with someone who uses proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as I myself do this.
    I don't mind a few errors now and then, but if you type like " nd shi wnt 2 da stur..." I will not role play with you.

    I also have a few things I really dislike in role plays.
    I really hate it when people use first person.
    If you role play with me, please pleaaseee, use third person.
    In case you don't know what third person is, let me show you.

    First Person: And I left the house to go to the store.
    Third Person: And Siren left the house to go to the store.

    See? Also, I don't like it when you refer to the scene as if it's happening now.
    I like past tense. So, "She went" NOT "She's going"

    I know I'm picky, and I'm sorry for that.

    If you want to do a role play, either reply here, leave a message on my profile, or send me a PM.

    I also have gmail, which sends directly to my cell phone, if you'd like that, please PM me.

    When you reply, please send this CS along too.

    What pairing are we doing?:
    Would you like me to play anyone for you?:
    Who would you like me to play for you?:
    Will there be sex scenes?:
    Mature scenes? (kissing, ect):
    Is there anything I should know?: