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  1. Hi everyone...well here's a few plots that I have in mind...some of these are some anime character x OC pairings but those will be labelled as such, whatever isn't is an original plot

    Here's what I'm looking for in a RP
    • No One-liners! Or with sentences that are short and aggravating that it kills the RP
    • Experience RPers! I know some people are new here but these ideas are for those who have plenty of experience in a rp that they're comfortable with describing their actions or know what they are doing.
    • I'm not a grammar nazi, but no text-typing in the rps. Please use the 1-2 paragraph rule for postings please
    • I don't want someone to drop out without telling me why...even if you just lost interest, I understand.
    • Someone who is open-minded. This is the MATURE section after all. Some rps will need certain requirements but I can compromise!

    Vampire Knight Anime: _________ is a foreign exchange student who gets accepted to Cross Academy. However, unfamiliar with anyone and alone, she encounters Zero Kiryuu, who craves for her blood and takes her against her will... (this will begin around the first episode of the series so Yuki wouldn't be his first victim)

    Naruto Original Series: What is Naruto always had a twin sister? She's ________ and she's a selective mute, opposite personality of her older twin brother Naruto. She has a dark past that makes her shield herself away from everyone. What is Sasuke Uchiha wanted to find out more about the female Uzumaki?

    High School Plot: _______ and -------- are best friends, and had been since middle school. They are so close that everyone picks on them, saying that'd they'd make a cute couple. ______ doesn't think so, but what is -------- had enough of this and takes manners into his own hands and makes ________ his woman? Will ______ ever forgive him, or will this turn into love/lust?

    Original Plot: When ______ was 11, she was kidnapped and experimented on. A few months later, she escapes and is found by a 16 year old werewolf ------ who imprints on her. A few years passed and ______ is a 18 year old college freshman who'd lived with his family since they found her. ------- is 24 and has a good career. What is ____ is suddenly too dangerous to be around others and hurts others and herself, along with revealing her secret powers? Will ------- still love her or will only hurt her even more?
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  2. Orginial Plot: ______ is a nurse who has a fascination with pregnancy. ------ is a high class doctor who specializes in female's anatomy. When ______ is told that she will have difficultly conceiving a baby, she turns to ------ for help and he recommends some good old sex and he's willing to volunteer as sperm donor.

    (This one will be smut with a balance of plot)

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  3. Would you mind if I'd try this one?
  4. Which plot? The nurse x doctor one?
  5. Based off Book series "The Chemical Garden Triology": three girls are kidnapped and taken as "brides" for one rich man. They must produce one heir each for him as his wife to take over his businesses but that doesn't meant he wants to be bored so he only gets the most beautiful and genetically perfect girls to bare his offspring.

    This Rp will include:
    • Multiple Partners
    • Pregnancy
    • At most 4 RPers (three girl characters and a male)
    • Experience with multiple RPers threads
    • Must be able to post at least once a day and make a paragraph.
    • Also in the case of no one wanting to do this RP, it will be changed accordingly
  6. Definitely interested in the male role for the Chemical Garden Trilogy, if it's still available. :)
  7. Okay the deadline for this RP is tomorrow but if no one else wants to do it, want to do my alternative?
  8. Whispers in the dark.. Tigeeeeeerss!! ~

    Well I am a girl .. Ahem- woman. Uh.. Female I mean.

    I could play as one of them. ^^ I have decent posting. ( check my other RP's in this section)

    I'm just curious .. Why is there pregnancy involved ?:)

    Other than this, let me know for further details here or PM me.
  9. Looking for male for this rp!

    Original Plot: _______ is a sadistic supernatural (can be discussed in the pm) man who has own countless slave girls. Many a time, he'd gotten them pregnant bit unfortunately, they would either die during pregnancy or labor, taking the babies with them. However, he decided to try once more and boy a slave girl to have her reproduce with her and produce a heir and hybrid.

    This will be smut for the most part unless discussed before hand
  10. Based off of Dracula! Looking for male!

    Plot: Once upon a time, there lived a king who fought in a great war. He survived with a righteous victory. When he went to return home to his beautiful bride, the new Queen, he'd seen that she was murdered by the Priest of his kingdom. The priest was a sick man unknowing to the subjects, and longed for the bride in secret, 'if I cannot have her, then no one can.' The priest exclaims over her dead body. The king was in great shock and anger, and he uses his sword that had just killed over a thousand men stabs it in the heart of the priest and pins him to a stone cross, renouncing his faith and swore to seek vengeance on all man kind until his beloved's bride was back in his arms where she rightfully belonged.

    Centuries passed, and the king had been turned to a vampire. He thought his time on earth was pointless until one day, while going looking for his next meal on a London road, he spotted her...his beloved bride, or her reincarnation. He was not mistake as he beauty almost blinded him as he longed to hold her in her arms. He would do anything just to have her back, even if it means killing everyone she loved just to be with her.
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