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  1. Hello Everyone~
    I'm searching for a few partners...obviously.

    Things You Should Know:

    -I usually only play the female role. Though, if the plot interests me enough, I will consider playing the male role.

    -There are two things I am a sucker for. Horror and Romance. Bit of an odd mix, but I usually don't like it at the same time, mostly because Romance cancels out the whole Horror genre for me.

    -Because I do have a life (kinda), I will need to be reminded of a roleplay if I don't reply after a day or two. Feel free to annoy the hell out of me, It will get my attention.

    -I'm a bit rusty with smut, so bear with me if we decide on doing that. Other then that, I like to fade to black and continue the roleplay from the next morning.


    Doctor Who.
    Fire Emblem.
    Hemlock Grove.
    Legend Of Zelda.
    Once Upon A Time.
    Phantom Of The Opera.
    The Walking Dead.
    Maximum Ride.

    Rolplays I am craving:

    ** means the character I would prefer to play
    ~ means I'm really quite craving this roleplay

    ~ Castiel x OC** ~
    Dean** x Castiel
    Charlie x OC** ~
    Lucifer** x Sam or OC

    Doctor Who:
    ~11th Doctor x OC**~ (preferably no romance, depends on where the roleplay goes)
    Doctor!OC** x Companion!OC** ~
    Jack Harkness x Alien!Male!OC**

    Sherlock (BBC):
    Sherlock Holmes** x OC**
    Sherlock** x John
    Moriarty* x OC**
    Irene Adler x Female!OC**


    Iron Man x OC**~
    ~Loki x OC**~
    Black Widow** x Hawkeye~
    ~Winter Soldier x OC**~
    Winter Soldier x Agent Carter**

    Guardians Of The Galaxy:
    Fem!Drax The Destroyer** x Male!OC~
    Starlord x OC**~
    Nebula x Fem!OC**~
  2. I've recently gotten into supernatural and would love to do one with you!! Although, I'm not sure how well I'd be able to accurately portray an existing character.

    I'd love to give any of them a shot though!
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  3. Saw fire emblem on the list and got excited. What games have you played?
  4. I've played the gameboy game (Can't remember the name) and Awakening.
  5. Bumping for interest ^^
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