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Almost...everything. Though I really enjoy dark or horror stories, even in romance I like dark romance and twisted romances.
I'm considering dropping a donation to iwaku for being such a good site to me over the like...year or two I've been using the site, BUT I have a question about the donator perks, if I do a one time donation do I keep the perks forever or is it a limited thing until I donate again. I was just looking at it and was curious since one of them says you get tools for like 7 days and the 5 dollar one gives you tools for a month? I'm just a bit confused and would like someone to clear up what is going on XD
It's just as it says :) If you donate a certain amount of money you get the perks for a limited amount of time (example: five dollars = I month of perks) ^.^
Yep! It lasts for 1 month (unless you choose one of the "recurring" subscriptions) and you can donate as much or as little as you want!
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