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  1. This is a place in which I shall gather up all my unfinished ideas. it shall be added to over time. Note that all of these ideas need a lot of work. If you see any you think might be interesting then send me a PM and we can work out the details. They will mainly be group RP ideas, as I doubt most of them would work with only 2 people.

    1. The Long Earth
    This would be based on the book "The Long Earth". The basic idea is that at some point, someone uploaded the instructions for a small device called a stepper onto the internet. It needed only a few wires, a 2 way switch and a potato. All over the world, children began building this device, and within a day of the upload, almost 50% of the world's children had disappeared. Now what the adults didn't know is that they'd simply stepped into a parallel universe. Pretty soon after, 90% of the human population was stepping at will between dimensions, building new colonies, exploring, the like. There's a lot more detail to it than this, such as rules of stepping, but I don't want to take up too much space here.
    - Needs a plot

    2. Ghost Ship
    400 years ago, for whatever reason, the human race just packed up and left Earth. They had recently discovered ancient technology, in the form of a fleet of 5 titanic space exploration vessels. Each vessel was capable of containing 5000 original occupants, with 3000 extra spaces that were not announced to the public, which would cater to new children, stowaways, and people who had to move from one of the other vessels. They could all fit in the vessels comfortably, however, tickets were incredibly expensive. Originally, the plan was to allow each occupant to live like a middle class citizen, without needing to pay for anything and simply getting necessities rationed. This could be done because the ships were built to repair, steer and defend themselves, as well as grow food and synthesise clean water. They even came complete with mechanical soldiers to act as crime prevention units. Despite the 400 kilometer space between each vessel as it flies in formation, they were able to keep contact with each other and were perhaps even fully sentient ships. 2 weeks ago, the fleet lost contact with Ark 5, the vessel the players are on. in that time, life on the ship has been turned upside down. The mechanical soldiers attack anything that comes close, food is scarce, as is clean water, and all power is being reserved to keep the ship and soldiers functional.
    - Needs some finishing off. Essentially going to involve a malevolent space virus.

    3. 2084
    64 years ago marked the end of the 3rd world war, and the full obliteration of life in the middle east. After that, there were some conflicts in Africa and East Europe/Russia. India's and China's population became manageable, most of the third world had become 2nd world, and generally peace was pretty good after the fourth world war got rid of Russia. it was no surprise that North Korea started that one. Japan and America started working together on technology instead of competing against each other, and created the huge aqueous nation, satirically named "Atlantis". This "Atlantis" was a city the size of Tokyo, and was built entirely out of white metal and glass. They were aiming for a futuristic feel, and succeeded with flying colours. This new city floated in the pacific ocean, drifting as the currents demanded. The city is split into 3 districts: Central is the upper class area, and CBD, and is the location of influential politics, powerful companies, legendary universities and houses the size of cathedrals. North is a middle class residential district. The layout is quite erratic but still neat. Smaller but still important companies set up here, as well as good but not great schools, and the huge market district built on the border of North and Central. South is the rural district, and is where 90% of the local produce is made. A lot of the food consumed in Atlantis is grown here, with more difficult to obtain items being brought in by plane. An express railway links the three zones, with a subway system in Central and roads everywhere. The roads are designed mainly for delivery vehicles, as no cars are permitted in the city. Most people cycle, walk or take the subway or bus if they need to get somewhere.
    - Needs a plot. I'm thinking something along the lines of 1984, hence the title.
    - Could also do a light version that doesn't have such a dark plot and is more a slice of life RP.
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  2. Hello! I am new here, but I stumbled upon your group plots. And I really enjoyed reading them. For the first plot 'The Long Earth' , I had this plot idea.
    - As the children and the adults are now in parallel worlds. The children's world is being destroyed slowly, because of the power plants are giving off toxic, deadly fumes that make people with different blood types have different reactions. A group of children (6+) between the age of 13-19 (Or whatever age you want, its just so there is more variation c: ) Are on a quest to save their world, by trying to bring the parallel worlds back together. They have to find the secret location of where 'The Stepper' was created, They called it 'The Particle's Project'. The group of children get left clues by one of the workers of the 'The Particle's Project'. But there is another group/Tribe who don't want to bring the 2 parallel worlds back together, as they try to ruin and fail the other group. But who will get to the 'The Particle's Project' first? Trust gets played with, romance flies in the air, backstabbing friends who want something just for themselves. etc. :) Hope I helped Haha.
    xx Cleo .
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