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  1. 1. Please be active; two posts a day will suffice.
    2. Be able to produce more than two paragraphs a response.
    3. MxF only.
    4. Feel free to suggest, ask questions, and add things.
    5. We can have multiple role plays going on at once if you wish.

    Main Ideas

    Vampire (open)

    Vampires and humans never get along, but they live in the same society. They co-exist with separation. Vampires have their own territory while humans have theirs. For the most part they respect each other, but they both still hated each other.

    One night, a human woman walks through an alley that she normally goes through on the way home from work every night. Too distracted by the music that she plays through her headphones, she doesn't notice someone creeping her way. To her dismay, she is kidnapped and taken away to a place she doesn't know. Low and behold, she finds out that she was captured by vampires.

    She is to do everything that the vampires tell her to do, or she could lose her life.

    One vampire, however, finds her interesting. He starts talking to her, and the more he talks to her, the more he starts a bond with her.

    Will he help her escape? Or will he allow her to die?

    1. I can play either male or female.
    2. Will contain mature themes; sex, blood, torture, and others that fall under that line.
    3. We can start this when she is getting kidnapped, or when she arrives at the place she is locked in.

    Pirate (open)
    A woman runs away from her life on land, wanting to escape the life of being the daughter of the governor on port. Her fathers wants to marry her off to combine powers, but she will not take any of it. During the night, she flees down to the docks. She hides on one of the ships that were docked, making sure not to show herself at any point. Then she finds herself in Tortuga.

    In Tortuga, she is fascinated with the way of life there. Women who were improperly dressed, men who cursed and drank with no care. The whole place was rowdy, much different than the life she lived at home. She wanders into a bar, curious to see what it holds. Then a group of men catches her eye in the corner of the bar, women were gathered around them like they were some type of royalty.

    She asks one of the barmaids who they were, and she comes to find out that they were a well-known crew that sailed on The Disgraceful Mermaid. They always came back with treasure, and they were treated like pirate royalty. Then she takes the chance to go up to them and demands for them to let her join their crew.

    Low and behold, the captain recognizes her. He has done trade with her father before, and she slightly recognizes him. Thus, they knew each other from the past.

    The royal Navy comes to Tortuga, and they look through every place they could to find her. They come to the tavern, and questions everyone. The captain of The Disgraceful Mermaid decided to hide the woman from them, telling her to duck under the table.

    Not wanting her to have to hide forever, he allows her to come aboard his ship and that starts their journey.

    1. I can play either male or female.
    2. We will start when they are in Tortuga, before the raiding happens.
    3. Will contain mature content such as sex, alcohol, killing, and among others.

    Twisted Tales

    Alice in Wonderland
    Alice x Mad Hatter
    Red Queen x Mad Hatter

    Little Mermaid
    Ariel x Eric
    Ursula x Triton
    Ursula x Eric

    Sleeping Beauty
    Aurora x Philip
    Maleficent x OC
    Aurora x OC

    Beauty and the Beast
    Belle x Beast
    Belle x Gaston

    Other Pairings/Genres

    Bandit x Captive
    Assassin x Target
    Student x Teacher
    Doll x Doll Maker

    Long Distance Relationship


    OC x Steve Rogers*
    OC x Tony Stark*
    OC x Loki*

    Once Upon A Time
    OC x Hook*
    OC x Peter Pan*

    Air Gear
    OC x Spitfire

    OC x Sesshomaru*
    OC x Naraku
    OC x OC

    Death Note
    OC x Mello*
    OC x Light

    Rurouni Kenshi
    OC x Saito

    Lord of the Rings
    OC x Aragorn
    OC x Haldir*
    OC x Legolas

    Pirates of the Caribbean
    OC x Jack Sparrow*
    OC x Norrington

    Harry Potter
    OC x Draco Malfoy

    Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
    OC x Cloud*
    OC x Vincent
    OC x Reno*

    Final Fantasy X
    OC x Tidus
    OC x Seymour
    OC x OC*

    Final Fantasy X-2
    OC x Tidus*
    OC x OC

    Kingdom Hearts Series
    OC x Riku
    OC x Axel*
    OC x OC

    *Means the pairing I wish to do most.

    -I am willing to double, and we can do separate role plays.

    Suggest, please!
  2. I'm in love with both the vampire and the pirate roleplay ideas! I would love to do them with you!
  3. Just send me a PM and we can get started. :)
  4. Is this still open because I am craving FFX OC x OC.
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