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  1. Okay, so I'm just going to put a list of some of my current ideas here with a brief story line if it's applicable and hope for the best. Just a note: I do require a partner that can post AT LEAST 2 paragraphs, I cannot get anything from posts that are one liners.

    All ideas are playable by any gender with any sexual orientation, just let me know what you are comfortable with.

    General Ideas w/ Plot:

    -Character A is recruiting for a job and is charge of interviews and hiring. Character B comes in for an interview and Character A is intrigued. Whether or not Character B gets hired is up to Character A but will this be a co-worker affair or something else entirely?

    -Set in the modern world, our two characters are living fairly normal lives, but one of them is not as they seem. Character A hides a secret from their families and co-workers. Setting their eyes on Character B, they will do whatever it takes to obtain their newly found goal.
    **This idea I'm looking to get a little dark with; affairs, possessive nature, sexual abuse/harassment among other things, but all can be discussed prior to the RP.

    -The typical college life; homework, friends, love, it all seemed so simple for Character A. Then one day Character B showed up and changed how Character A thought about everything.

    -It's the year 2056, human experiments with animals have all gone according to plan, though the recent end in war caused them to become irrelevant. The human hybrids have either been killed off or sold as servants across America depending on their threat level. Character A has recently been bought as a promotional gift for Character B and as the transaction goes through, Character A has arrived at the door to an expectant Character B.
    **Again, this idea has potential to go dark with non-consent, drug/sexual abuse and other ideas, all can be discussed ahead of time.

    Ideas W/o Plot:
    -Teacher/Student (college, not high school)

    Fandoms (Canon/AU):
    -Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    -Harry Potter

    That's all I got for now, but let me know if anything intrigues you or if you have any ideas you think I'd be interested in, I'm very eager to get started!
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  2. I am really liking your 2nd and 4th idea, quite a bit.
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  3. Hello. I'm very interested in the third and fourth plots out there. I might have a plot for the Teacher/Student and perhaps for Harry Potter as well. Everything in FxF.
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  4. Yo! I am interested in Bleach. If you are still looking for someone send me a pm.
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