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  1. I for some reason have a craving to do three certain plots. Two of them are actually based on songs and the other is based on a movie.

    My first plot idea was based on the song 2112 by rush. Which it basically takes place in this future scifi universe where people are ruled under this government called the solar federation who try to control the aspects of people's lives. From music, art, books. These people have almost no control over what theor lives hold. There are those who have chosen to go against this rule. I was perhaps looking for the pairing could where one of us found an ancient instrument (a guitar) that possessed a power capable of over throwing the government.

    My second idea was based of the song cancer by my chemical romance. It's about this guy who seems to always bee there for others and he does his best to help his friends and people often take advantage of this. He often feels depressed about his life but he puts on a happy face and does his best to hide the pain. So now he met this girl that he knew in high school that he felt was the one that got away and soon after they fall in love, but he developed cancer before they met. So now he has to decide whether to tell her, or hide his pain. In the end he may just push her away.

    My third idea is based off the movie seeking a friend for the end of the world. This is one about where my character meets a girl who is on this party binge who is doing everything and anything before the world ends in six months or so. She is doing all this stuff because she doesn't want to feel the depression of not being able to see her family that lives in Australia while she is stuck in America. My character could perhaps agree to fly her there, though they don't really see eye to eye.
  2. The guitar that can save the world thing sounds really fun.
  3. Would love to Rp the second one if it's still available.
  4. Sure everything is available
  5. If you want we can Rp :)
  6. Ok I'll get it started
  7. There are still people welcome to thread with
  8. Do you need a CS of any kind?
  9. Sure just something basic
  10. I'll send the CS through a message and keep it basic
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.