Some Ideas You Can Maybe Help Me With ^^ (Male characters needed)

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  1. I need some male characters but first I like to bring down some bricks

    I Don't want to do anything mature stuff If it does lead to it I want to black out or fade. I'm not good at Mature stuff anymore... I love romance sure but NO MATURE!!!!

    I don't want the relationship kicking off just after 10 post I want to make it longer and have more feels in it!
    But that only works if the character just meet I have some ideas where the character meet for a long time!

    MY grammar sucks and spelling But I will try my best to cheek her and there ok!

    I don't mind if you give me some ideas but know I will always play a female. I really am bad at males... well Ok I'm ok some people say I'm ok at being male but I only play male when it comes to yaoi!

    Ok so now some ideas!

    1. fairy tales I love fairy tales. (not the anime sorry I do love that anime but not what I'm talking about)
    I wanted to do something about a town and everyone has someone to love but all the characters that don't get what they want. so its kind of like the after story of the fairy tales. and its been a very long time since the fairy tales and fairy tales are at rest and having a peaceful life and stuff some may still have grudges but they don't do anything. also its with human socited and they can't tell them that they are human (so its kind of like Wolf among us but nothing like it at all!) and they have human names not there tittles!

    Ideas for that

    Tinkerbell (OC)x Hock (OC) ***

    Alice (OC) x Hater (OC) **

    Red (Oc) x Wolf (OC) **

    Other fairy tales you can think of and want to do pairings for

    2. Sifi type

    Andored X human ***

    Andored x Andored *

    Human X Alien ***

    Alien x Alien ** (like princess and prince type maybe or Prince and commern)

    3. Creepy pasta..... you know

    Oc x Oc *

    Oc x CP X OC X CP (which means you and me will playing as one of each other fav creepy pastas and we will be are OCs and stuff with happen) *


    ** Sure lets do it
    * ok...

    That's it for now It will Up date once in a while if you don't like nay of the ideas give me something I'm up to anything BUT mature I love romance but I don't want anything Mature!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.