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  1. Post length isn't something I generally fuss about since it's the quality of a post that matters. My activity level varies quite a bit. You can usually expect at least a post a day. Feel free to ask me any question you'd like.

    Please read the bullets for each plot.

    USS Inquisitor

    A seasoned starship captain has been hunting an infamous man called Jericho since they were first assigned the Inquisitor at the beginning of their time as a captain. Jericho has super human abilities, which were the result of an experiment gone wrong. He's a self-proclaimed villain of the universe and is obsessed with destruction. He has a fleet of ships and numerous followers. The starship captain never had a chance of capturing Jericho until both their ships crash on the same extremely dangerous planet.
    • I will be playing Jericho.
    • You would be playing the starship captain.
    • Your character can be of any gender.
    • I would like the captain to have some dark secret(s).
    • This can end up being a romance.
    World War Chaos

    Logical reasons for the war had long been forgotten. Every country is for itself. Nowhere is safe. Humanity is in grave danger. There are few who possess the power to put this war to rest. It can only be done with them working together. None of them are willing to even be in the same room with each other. These select residents of Earth are the last remaining experiments of a series. Once upon a time, they were a team. The death of a team member caused the group to fall apart and each blame the rest for their friend's death.
    • Doubling or tripling up is an option, but it's certainly not a requirement.​
    • Romance is welcomed. Rekindled romance would work well.​
    • Our characters will fight a lot in the beginning.​
    A Lost Life

    As a queen back on her home planet, Sapphire is finding the idea of living as common folk much more difficult than blending in with the humans. She had been in transport to a safe colony when her ship had been attacked. Sapphire awoke just outside the burning ship on a quiet night someplace in America. Sapphire had been the lone surviver of the crash. After fleeing the crash site as military forces arrived, Sapphire finds herself without shelter and food. Having never even been without the many luxuries she had as perks of being royalty, she has no idea how to survive on this incredibly strange planet. An overly friendly and quite possibly unstable human is her only chance at lasting until her people come and find her.
    • I will be playing Sapphire.​
    • You would play the human who helps her.​
    • This will be romance.​
    • It can be MxF or FxF.​
    At Last

    Corey is a teenage transgender boy who has been in the foster care system for much too long. He jumps at the chance of being adopted without asking much about his adoptive parents. They were nice, and that's all he really cared about. Many strange things begin to occur, and Corey unearths some disturbing yet fascinating facts about his new family.
    • I will be playing Corey.​
    • You would play both or one of the adoptive parents.​
    • If one, we could double up and you could pick up a kid the parents already have had.​
    • The parents can be a gay, lesbian, or straight couple.​
    Madam President

    The first female president is a lesbian, and she faces much opposition. Addison Bailey is married to a wonderful woman whom she loves a great deal. Prior to her inauguration, a plot to take over the White House had already been underway. Addison becoming president only worsened things as the group planning the take over does't believe women should have a place in government and is very against LGBT peoples. As the plan is set in motion, Addison and her wife are immediately separated from all members of the Secret Service. While the White House is under siege, Addison and the First Lady are on their own.
    • I will be playing Addison Bailey.​
    • You would play the First Lady.​
    • There will be many complications and twists.​
    • I'd like the First Lady to be a bit more helpful than my character.​
  2. I love the plot Madame President!
  3. Oh~ I wouldn't mind doing Madam President with you! Got me hooked.
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  5. I'd love to do USS Inquisitor with you!
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