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  1. Here are some ideas I have, but I need someone to play a female character for each one of them. Since I usually play male characters.

    1. What if you were destined to save the world, but you are paired up with someone you hated? Well that's the idea for this one. Our characters are both told that have to save the world from eternal darkness, by a bunch of guys in hooded cloaks. They will be total opposites and butt heads with each other constantly, but anyways about the cloaked figures yeah they told them that they have to save the world, and to do that they would have to rescue/protect a young woman. They said she is the key in preventing the eternal darkness from happening. But first they have to find the woman. Which won't be an easy task, especially since all kinds of evil creatures you can imagine will be after them. And once they find said woman, they have to bring her back to the cloaked figures temple for protection. But can they do that with out getting killed or killing each other?

    2. The main characters for this are twins females, they maybe twins but are total opposites. One twin likes dark and gothic things and anything that has to deal with that, while the other is more preppy and happy, and seems to be the brighter one of the two. Twin #2 is curious about where their sibling goes, so dressing for the attire they follow their sibling. Which she is lead to a goth night club. She enters the club following her sister, who she sees talking to a young man. And then she looses site of her in the crowd. Later on, that same young man finds her and begins to talk to her....Case of mistaken identity and accidental turning, since the guy is a vampire...

    3. Than main character is a hard-working University college student who’s always had good grades and stayed out of trouble. And is basically a good girl. Working for a humanities credit, they’re supposed to spend a a hundred hours during the semester volunteering. Students crowd animal shelters, non-profit organizations, and community gardens, but The female's best friend begs them to volunteer at a rehab center with them. She is reluctant at first and is dreading the idea, she has developed the mentality that addicts are careless, neglectful, and at fault for their own addiction. The only drug users she has seen were those in high school, the kids who blew off class to smoke weed and never graduated as well as her own sister and mother- who did cocaine, and she has little patience for people who simply can’t stop using drugs.

    While volunteering at the rehabilitation center, they register my character, an addict of many years, for treatment. After losing his job, friends and much of his family, he decided to hit rock bottom and turned to the rehab center. His cravings for his drug of choice are strong, and he doesn't have much else to live for. Most of the employees are sure that my character won’t last long and will be on the streets in no time.
    Still, my character is persistent about kicking the habit, and the female character helps see him through withdrawals, N/A meetings, and even a relapse, slowly realizing that his addiction is a lot more complicated than they once assumed. As the weeks pass, conversations become long and intimate as both characters enjoy each other’s company and learn they’re not so different.
  2. Your first plot is calling out to me ^^
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  4. Number two sounds awesome. :D
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  7. I like plot 2.
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