Some ideas I have :9


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Hey, got some rp ideas that I would like to do ;) So if you are interested it's just to write ^^

I have a bit of hard to work with people that writes one liners to one paragraph because then I don't have much to work with and will maybe loose interest in the rp after some time. If you have a writers block or sometimes now and then and writes only one paragraph then it's totaly fine, I get those moments to. I often write between 2-5 paragraphs sometimes more sometimes less.


1. - 365 days left! (taken)
18 year old Lydia gets to know that she has cancer and there is no chance for her to be cured. She will die in a year. She have decided to not talk to anyone and definitly not fall in love, because then she and that person would get hurtened when she died. What will happen when a guy suddenly takes an interest in her and she falls in love with him? Will she be able to tell him that she is going to die some day? (the person she falls in love with is a new student in her class that she meets after getting back from the hospital after three weeks away from school)

2. - Lucifer (taken)
Lucifer, the devil has come to earth in human form. Why? Once upon a time Lucifer had kidnapped a young girl he had fallen in love with and taken her down to the underworld. She could have lived down there young and beautiful forever but she hated him for taking her from the man she had loved. In the end she killed herself and was reborn in to another life in 1993. Lucifer finds where her reincarnation is when she turns eighteen in 2011 and decides to go to earth as a human and make her fall in love with him and then take her to the underworld again. But if she doesn’t fall in love with him, will he force her to come with him anyways? If she falls in love with him, will she be scared when she hears that he is lucifer?
(seeking someone that can play lucifer ^^ I will do the first post with the whole story about the what happened in the past)

I have more ideas but I start out with my favorites, I have a lot of other rps and can't start all 10 ideas all at once xD haha
I have already prepared the first post for the first one so I'm ready to post it as fast as I get a partner ^^ I haven't written the second one so if I get a partner fast you maybe have to wait for a bit before I post it ;)
Yeah sure, ^^ I will send you a link to the post as fast as I have done it :)
If you don't mind an Rp with another Swede then I'm interested in the first one:)
WOHOO elflady xD
hmm.. if we do an rp then we don't need to use spoiler if we would need it, we could just talk in swedish then xD hahahahah
It's yours ;) Will post it in a few minutes and then send you the link :9
Kyra; Hopefully I will post later this evening but maybe I wont post before tomorrow, just so you know. I will try to write it as fast as possible :)