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  1. I have an unique gift, I can experience the memories of others. Or rather the memories of objects. It is a bit hard to explain. Take an old gun. I can feel the gun being carried into battle, the pulling of the trigger. Feel it kick against my shoulder. The sounds of artillery shells exploding; of friendly soldiers screaming in pain. Seeing with my own eyes the horrific sights of our last world war. The emotions the come with fighting as a soldier. Not to mention the sharp pain of a bullet ripping through my shoulder.

    This was my great grandpa's weapon and it was that bullet wound that sent him back home. If it was not for that bullet I might not be alive. Even though I dread it, I touch the weapon to experience again the memories that belonged solely to my great grandpa.

    This gift is the same for every other thing. Buildings, clothes, and furniture they all have stories and believe me some of these stories I would rather not know.

    Naturally I am very weary to touch anything that has been used by someone else and as you can guess I am not the most favorite boy in school. Experiencing so many memories in one day that it is hard to focus on anything but them sometimes.

    Lucky we are have just moved to a new town, a new school. I am looking forward to the change.


    This boy being in highschool has moved to a new town with a private highschool. As you can guess he experiences the memories objects, memories though other people's sight, smell, touch, sound, taste and emotions.

    But in soon he will discover that he has the ability to see and touch the dead. Or more appropriately a ghost.

    The ghost is a malicious, homicidal and vengeful being that only wishes to see the world burn. The ghost is a girl, now I can be either or and yes this is meant to be a romance.

    With that said the girl appears dead, decaying body, no eyes. But touch from the living or from the boy causes the ghost pain beyond compare. But it doesn't harm her instead what it does is in a way makes the ghost regrow her appearance. Meaning the pain caused as she specter appearances changes from being dead to being alive. This is why the pain is crippling.

    I plan to have this happen and after awhile the appearance begins to decay. So..there is a lot more to this plot than simple romance the boy afterall will at some point experience the history that was meant to be forgotten. Buried with the dead girl who should not be roaming the halls of the highschool he will be attending.
  2. I'm quit interested pm?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.