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  1. I've been on a Halo binge lately (playing Wars to 4 for my own enjoyment). I haven't had too much luck getting many other rps started, so I began to wonder if starting one up with an existing fandom would be a better option, if not much more fun. That's about where the Halo comes in.

    I have about two base ideas, both revolving around Spartan II's (preferably, unless you guys would rather do something else). Either involving a group of original Spartans, or the already existing members of Blue Team. If you've read the extended canon novels, you should know who that is-- and why I'm offering them up as a possibility.

    OCs would most likely make room for coming up with our own personalities and campaigns (military engagements, etc.), whereas Blue Team would allow us to play some existing scenarios with existing characters, who are already quite badass and don't require building. The point is, would you want freedom or "ease-of-access" as some would say? That's not their only virtue, of course, but you get my point.

    There's always the option of playing a Covenant race, but... Spartans are just so much more fun.

    If there are any Halo fans out there, check in. It's hard to find folks who aren't anime-only rpers around here.
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  2. But space battles are fun too...

    I'm in, and if we are playing Blue Team, I call dibs on Fredric-104.

    We can also do stuff with Blue, a couple of Spartan IIIs, Halsey, and CPO Mendezafter they get out of Trayvelon.
  3. Space battles are fun, but very limited. Unfortunately.

    In that case, I guess I'd go with William-- something about punching out a hunter with his bare hands speaks to me on a visceral level. Glad I'm not the hunter. Then again, I guess that depends on where in the Team's history we start, if we do choose them. We'll decide on that later.

    That could work as well. I'll just wait and see what anybody else wants, but it's an option.
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    He gets incinerated by a Hunter at the end of Onyx, right?

    Just spam the Keyes Loop and you'll be fine.

    If you want deep...

    "Don't you know... Spartans never die"

    Instant best scene in the books.
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    Yes, that does happen. Which is why which point of the timeline we choose is important. I still like the guy, though. I thought his death was more awesome than Kurt's, anyhow, but that's just a matter of opinion.

    Until you run out of warheads.

    And therefore they are all immortal. End of story. Let's go flaunt our newfound immortality and become super-soldier thrill seekers. They can contemplate the mortality of their fellow humans whilst jumping from orbit. Is that deep enough?
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    That whole fight scene was... Epic. And is it just me, or is Kelly a damn bullet sponge?

    Point, but by that point you're venting atmosphere like none other, your armor is all gone, half the crew is dead, and your hair is on fire.

    When you dig your own grave jumping from orbit, yes. I respect the ODSTs, one in particulsr. And he's now a Spartan. 50% of why I'll buy Halo 5.
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    Agreed. And in terms of Kelly's apparent immunity to bullets... Linda probably helped her. I just always assumed her kept her out of most trouble.

    But at least you tried.

    Locke seems pretty neat, but I'm still mostly into Blue Team's presence and it's my main reason for wanting 5. Seeing Linda in action would be pretty great.

    Until it comes out, I'll wait here thinking up scenarios and hoping some other folks will come by with the same enthusiasm for Halo.
  8. I don't know, I thought there were at least a few more fans around here.
  9. Probably fans of the game, or people who have played but aren't interested in are around, but I doubt there are many people here who are familiar with Blue Team.

    Alterintively, we could play Spartan Ops with our versions of Crimson.
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