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  1. I've got a little bit of a plot going on, it's girl x girl, so obviously I'd need a girl character to role play with.
    And it calls for doubling, so we each play two girls.

    My idea is this:

    My character, Siren, is a lesbian. She met her girlfriend, June, two years ago.
    Siren lives with her grandmother, who is very strict and mean.
    Siren is required to wear light pastel colors, and dresses or skirts only.
    Her long, wavy blonde hair is to be kept up, and she is not able to wear makeup.
    In her bedroom, she only has a twin bed, a desk with a computer, which her grandmother checks regularly.
    She has a bedside table, with only a bible inside, and a desk lap.
    Her closet is neat and orderly.

    June, on the other hand, is fun and relaxing.
    She's a tomboy, and she likes to wear shorts and tank tops.
    She's got black spiky hair, and she wears a ton of eyeliner.
    Sometimes, she goes for the punk look as well.

    The girls have been together for two years, but everyone knows that June is a big flirt.
    She flirts with any girl that looks decent enough.
    June will even flirt with guys, if it suits her needs.

    Your character(s) will be the new girl(s), and June decides she likes one of you.
    More than any other girl she's flirted with/been with.
    But deep down, she's in love with Siren, so she keeps your relationship a secret.

    Same with Siren.
    Siren falls in love with one of your girls, and she doesn't know what to do.

    I'm planning for drama and such :)
    I'll take over the roles of Siren and June.

    I need a partner who can reply more than once a day.
    And who will let me know if they can't get on, or if they're busy, and if they want to quit.
    I also need a partner who uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    For your characters, please fill out this CS.

    Age: (17-18)
    Appearance: (Please use some kind of image.)
    Sexuality: (Bi or lesbian, obviously.)
  2. Name: Valshe.
    Age: (17-18) (she's just turned 17)
    Appearance: <- Something like that
    Height: 176cm
    Weight: 60kg
    Sexuality: (Bi or lesbian, obviously.): Lesbian.
    (This is the one I'm planning for Siren x3 )

    Name: Julia
    Age: (17-18): 18.
    Appearance: (Please use some kind of image.): (she dyes her hair, obviously xD )
    Height: 168cm
    Weight: 48kg (she's... thin :I )
    Sexuality: (Bi or lesbian, obviously.): Bisexual.

    I dunno if you still want to do this, and I won't be able to do directly mature themes as I am under 18. But drama is my little baby x3 And if you need info on each character's life/personality, please tell me and I'll write it down xD
  3. Sounds good. I'm still up for this. Would you like me to make the thread? :3
  4. Yeah, please. I'm going on my phone as of now. Post the link to the thread here when it's done. I'll try to pick up on the story xD
  5. That's cool, I'm on my phone too lol :)
  6. Okay then :3