Some FxF ideas.

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  1. was thinking maybe an abused girl x a childhood friend/savior, werewolf x human, sister x sister, vampire x werewolf, human x demon, some other stuff. will discuss exact plot with partner.

    Some specific plot ideas

    -The Princess and The street rat: One is the daughter of some wealthy family. the other is an orphan who lives on the streets and a bit of a crook. The two have a chance meeting and soon fall heavily for one another.

    Taming The Beast: One girl is a werewolf who struggles with her inner beast on a full moon night and lives a nomadic life. The other is girl who is quite good with animals and a compassionate heart. She encounters her and gives her some help whether the other likes it or not. curiously her inner beast calms around her. With that soon love blooms.

    A Demonic Savior: This pair meets three times. Once as Angel and Demon who are on oppsite ends of the war. however they fall for each other however their mingling caused them to change and become outcasts. And soon the Angel executed. The Demon is blocked on vengeance s she leaves hell. She took it out on Humanity for a time before living among them. Though after many centuries She encounters a reincarnation of her lost lover. But the former Angel has reincarnated into an abusive family and does her best to hide it. however soon she moved as her family dodged CPS. Soon she moved back but as a Fundamentalist. And at first was rather cold to the Demon girl but warms up. Even takes on the punk style Demon Girl took on. however one day Her parents find out when she was going to a rundown building she regularly uses to change out. they try to drag her home for punishment but The demon girl intervenes and gets her away. They stay at the Demon girl's place where The former Angel (re)learns of her friends true nature however The Demon shows her true form and swears no matter what she will protect. her soon the parents issue is resolved Their former bosses turn their eyes to them seeing a chance to use them to end their war. Once and For all.

    Boss and Secretary: At a company A futa boss for whatever reason takes an interest into her secretary and lures her into her office and rapes her at the end of the night. possibly also does this to child they begat later on.

    Fur and Fang: A forbidden Werewolf x Vampire where the two are at war but the couple has a chance to bring peace.

    Village romance: One where a pagan village maiden and another fall in love due to an accident.
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  2. I'm interested in the sister x sister one
  3. sweet. shall we cook up some ideas?
  4. Yes we shall. We can here or you can PM me if you'd like...either is perfectly fine
  5. shot you a message.
  6. @Lexie saw. making mine now.
  7. Abused x childhood friend or human x demon. Maybe we can mix them together? :3
  8. @Boxateer message me and give me more detail on that one.
  9. A) Bump and B) even if you see someone having already taken an Idea you wanted to do i'll still do it with 'ya.
  10. Sister-Sister perhaps?
  11. sure. message me.
  12. Demon x human (both female of course)?
  13. hit me up with your plot idea.
  14. I also want sisterxsister... if you're still willing to do a what...third or fourth one xD
  15. Again fine by me.
  16. Hello! I'm interested in Boss x Secretary :)

    For some weird reason.
  17. sweet. message me?
  18. Sure!:)