Some fun plot ideas (m/m, f/f, dystopia/fantasy/modern)

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  1. F/F and M/M only, in order of preference

    I've posted this in the mature section but not all of them need to be focused on sex. Some of them probably won't be.

    Not a full plot, but I've been craving some twin/twin or sibling/sibling relations. If that's not your thing, that's fine too.

    This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee

    "So darlings, be at peace, have the happiest of days, and fulfill your duty to the world.
    Just remember that your happiness is our happiness!

    Are you feeling happy now? Well you need to be, okay? It is your very purpose.
    And if you are not feeling happy, well then, we can help with that too!

    Nooses, tightropes, slice your neck and choke-holds, gunned down, go drown,
    ALL OF YOU WILL BOW DOWN. Decapitation, know your limitations, crucified, go die

    Just pick the one you like ♥"

    Based off of this series of Vocaloid songs:

    English version

    Basically a dystopian future that is ruled with an iron fist. Citizens have to follow one rule, and one rule only: be happy. Sadness and anger are not tolerated. The punishment is death.

    We could play two citizens hopelessly trying to rebel, or maybe include a manipulative Undine and one of her subjects. Maybe she's disguising herself as someone else. Who knows!

    Two Steps Back
    A morbid future where the USA follows the steps of Russia and LGBT ‘correctional’ schools and facilities have become commonplace. Could maybe include some teacher/student in here.

    You've Got Male:
    (Or female. 'You've Got Female' just doesn't sound as catchy.)

    College can be a difficult time for anyone. With the stresses of late night classes, living expenses, and student loans, it only makes sense that you might have difficulty finding time to socialize. Thankfully it's the age of the internet, which can make finding like minded people so much easier.

    Unfortunately, you can never truly know someone until you meet them in person. Imagine the shock when the person you've been falling for online ends up being the person you hated most from high school

    The client in this plot has fallen on hard times, and has been seeing their therapist for quite a few months for (insert problem here.) Eventually the client is caught doing some sort of petty crime/doing drugs/on the street/whatever by the therapist, who offers to take them in against their better judgement.

    Based roughly on Elfen Lied. In the future, personal robots have become quite popular. They are developed to serve, and to be perfectly compliant to their master's wishes (whatever they may be.) However, some models come with defects: a personality, and free will. The automaton the human in this plot purchases has two 'modes': his/her subservient self, and a dark, unforgiving sociopath. Maybe not necessarily a sociopath, but you get my drift. For extra drama, these 'defective' models are being hunted by the government, as they have been proven to be quite dangerous.

    Street Rat/Entrepreneur
    Or some otherwise very wealthy individual. Pretty basic idea here: rich person catches the street rat [stealing from them, getting beat up, insert situation here], takes them in, and gives them a job. Job ends up being very, very questionable. Mafia, some sort of drug cartel, prostitution, whatever: it depends on the direction you'd like the role-play to take.

    Can't Believe My Eyes
    Character A is a paranormal investigator... who happens to believe not a lick of what they investigate. Hey, it pays the bills, right?

    Imagine their surprise when, investigating a particularly unbelievable case in a small little town, they meet someone, something, that completely turns their world upside down, and forces them to re-evaluate their belief system.

    The 'supernatural' creature could be anything! Fairy, elf, it's endless. We can work it out, but I would rather play the investigator.

    No plot ideas for this, but I would like to hear your ideas if you have any.

    That's all for now. :3 I may think of some more later.
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  2. Hi, I'd be interested in your paranormal investigator plot. I love playing spooky beings. I'd be interested in either an f/f or m/m pairing, whichever you're in the mood for.
  3. Male x male , Plot therapist x client

    I would like to be the therapist if that's okay , these idea's sound so cool. Rocking plots I loved your post, its so good , so creative. I would love to role-play with you. Ive always wanted to do a pairing like this in a roleplay im so excited.
  4. Street Rat/Entrepreneur sounds fun^^ I'd like to play the street rat if that's alright? I'm also good with either gender pairing
  5. @Yuki40
    That would be great! I'm just okay with playing the client. :)

    I think I might go for m/m for that one if that's cool with you. Did you have a preference as to what kind of conflict ends up happening (mafia, etc.), or would you rather just wing it?

    Awesome! That's something I've been wanting to do for a little while now. :D M/M might work better for me, mostly just because the character I have off the top of my head is male. I have some ideas for a conflict (mostly involving a magical war), but you can send me a PM and we can get some ideas going.
  6. hm.....wing it sounds good ^^
  7. Hello there, Vega. I would very much like the opportunity to role play a FxF pairing with you if you are still open to plots and ideas~

    Master/Slave sounds like it could be fun, I have a few plot ideas but was wondering which of the two you would be more inclined to play. ^^
  8. MxM, Two Steps Back sounds really interesting. And, though they're mostly illegal, some states have 'straight camps'. But I'd still be interested! ^^
  9. @EquinoxSol
    Yeah, I know they do exist in small numbers, but thankfully they're illegal for the most part. :( I was thinking this would be a future where they were not only legal, but encouraged. I'd love to do the plot with you though, I've been wanting to do it for a while but haven't had much of a chance to start it! Would you prefer a situation between two students, or between a teacher and a student? Something else?

    That would be lovely! I'm perfectly all right playing both, though I normally play quite dominant characters, so I might lean a little towards the slave in this case. If you'd really prefer that though, I don't mind playing the master either. :3

    Okay, wing it it is then! Would you like to start or should I? Any other details you'd like to hash out first?
  10. I'll send you a message in a bit so we can get to brainstorming ^^
  11. Could you? Um......nothing I can think of....I lik making my boys crossdress
  12. Two students would be most interesting for me ^^
  13. @gen101394
    Okay, I'll try to get onto writing my intro asap!

    Sorry for the delay! Two students works for me. I have part of an intro written already, so I can start if you'd like. Are you more of a 'plot out ahead' or 'wing it' type?
  14. I'm a wing it type, and if you could start the thread, that would be amazing :D
  15. ooh FxF twincest is pretty interesting, but I don't see how it fits into the plots
  16. Is you've got male still up for grabs? cos i'm into this
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