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  1. I play as a bottom when it comes to m/m and f/f, and I only play as a female when it comes to m/f. Alright then! Where are the movies I would like to do. Also, I prefer to play as an oc when playing as a female.

    I would love to do something either based around the new season of American Horror Stories Freak Show, or just Freak Shows back in that time. Here are the pictures of my two characters.

    dd52833a805914bae0add068cff9d180.jpg 581733.jpg
  2. I would be willing to do something with the male character
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  3. Yay! Would you like the pairing to be Freak Show owner/Freak, Freak/Freak, Audience member/ Freak, or maybe even Freak/audience member who maybe becomes a freak?
  4. I would like to do Freak/Freak if that cool but I wanna know what makes your character a freak before I decide mine
  5. I was thinking sword swallower and contortionist
  6. Oh kool. there is like water dance/ contortion act that they do in freak shows and circus acts that I was gonna have my character do and then like fire eater
  7. Cool, how should we start up?
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