Some feedback.

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It's not an idea or a bug. I just want to say how impressed I am with the Writers and Artist corner and the work you guys put into fueling the creativity and skills of writers. That is unique, to me at least, and a damn good thing to see. I look forward to posting a few short stories soon to get some much needed critiquing to help shred away my rustiness.
Thanks for the comments. :D We're trying really hard to make sure our Writing Corner has useful stuff in there and it's great to know people are actually using it. XD
Lol. It's just so rare, even in an online roleplay enviroment, to find a source that challenges people creativity and gives them the tools to advance their writing prowess. It calls for praise.
Ya'll feed his ego any more, he's gonna explode. D:
Ya'll feed his ego any more, he's gonna explode. D:

Don't we WANT that to happen? >__>

I'm glad that the Writer's corner is getting some love though! I'm tempted to put up some of my book I'm writing up there too...