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  1. I found myself coming up with some ideas yesterday and today that I'd like to roleplay. Only two as of right now, but I may come up with more later...

    My first idea is for a fantasy and adventure roleplay about an isolated island town that sends their children into the world at a young age. Most of them start learning to use weapon's so that they can defend themselves when they're seven or eight, and are made to leave home when they're about fifteen. They can travel the country as much as they please, or settle down in another town, but if they return to their old village before becoming adults, they'll most likely be shunned by everyone there.

    The other idea, also fantasy and adventure, is of an artist who, after lacing her paints with a certain potion, jumps into one of her paintings. In her painting is another dimension, one that she created, but it resides so deep in her own mind that she doesn't recognize most people or other creations there.

    If either of those sound interesting, let me know. And make sure to read my Roleplay Resume first.
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  2. This one sounds cool! I'd love to do this with you :)
  3. Pm me if u wanna rp
  4. Thanks, amybri18. I'll PM you in just a few minutes. ^_^
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