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  1. I like drawing mostly monsters but I give people a go sometimes.
    This is a friend's roleplay OC I drew for him:
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  2. Nice drawings. Those monsters are pretty creative.
  3. Aw dang, thanks! I love coming up with ideas for my monsters.
  4. This is great!!! I can draw people, but monsters and mythical creatures are out of my artistic abilities ;-;
  5. Oh thanks! I'm basically the opposite. I like monsters because I can make up some messed up anatomy and no one can tell me it's wrong ahaha. With people they have to be really cartoony to look good, or I have to use lots of references.
  6. Even so, it's really good! I wouldn't be good at drawing monsters, I'm always so hung up on making the proportions perfect that it would drive me crazy XD Besides, I can't draw body positions very well...
  7. Thank you very much! Oh man, I'm so bad at positions, I usually just draw profiles or them standing there.
  8. No problem! ^^
    Yeah, it really sucks ;-; Sometimes I look at drawings from professionals, and I'm just like, "Teach me your ways."
  9. Ahah I do that too, I can't even comprehend how they do it.
  10. Aw ye posting s'more drawings, of people!
    This is an old OC of mine, Sasha. This is a drawing with referencing, me trying a more realistic style.

    Annnnnd this is without references and my more cartoony style:
    Also I put a lot less time into the lines and stuff, so it's pretty crap compared.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Latest drawing! This is Cerebell!
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  12. I think... I recognize you from deviantart o.o...
  13. That's quite possible! My name is Arieah on Deviantart, does it ring a bell?
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