Some Classy Notsohard Fantasy/Medieval Pokemon RP goddamnit where do I take this.

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  1. I wanted to make this a Redstar RP, but if this garners enough interest from everyone in general, I'll make two versions - all ages and Redstar, both called 'Pure' and 'Corrupt' respectively I don't know maybe it'll change. The two versions will function like... well... versions, with their own exclusive legendaries and stuff.

    I am really fond of this idea, but I don't know how to approach it.

    Basically, there'll be these legions that hang around this medieval setting. I have two ideas in mind right now, and that is after scrapping all the other ideas.

    1. A turf war like Accel World or Durarara or K or something. By honour codes and treaties, a faction must send trainers of equal rank to battle each other in Pokemon fights. At the start of the RP, each legion starts off at a certain territory and must move on to conquer all unoccipied territory. When all territory is occupied, something will happen. I don't know what will happen, but something will happen.

    2. Something akin to Gym Battles called 'Master Matches'. Each legion has a 'Junior Match', 'Mid Match' and 'Senior Match'. When you win all 'Master Matches', well... I didn't think this through.

    The legions lean towards themes as opposed to types. If you have suggestions, spit them out. Unless I remove any of the below regions, I only need two more.

    Also, if we go through this RP and SM gets released halfway, I will give everyone the permission to add one slot to their team, and possibly one Sun&Moon mon if they so desire.

    Legions for Both versions:

    Hoshizora Clan
    As masters of the sky, the Hoshizora Clan focuses on Pokemon that are capable of flight or levitation. They train the powers of their wings on the Hoshizora Mountains, where few have reached without the aid of the power of the winds.

    Undina Tribe
    This female-only tribe are the masters of the seas and focus on aquatic Pokemon. They spend their days in the Undina Archipelago swimming alongside their Pokemon.

    Black Forest Sisters
    The Black Forest Sisters call themselves 'Fairy Tale Girls' and 'Hex Maniacs'. They are believed to not be human, but their skill in battle says otherwise. They focus on Fairy, Ghost and Psychic-Type Pokemon, and are generally seen in pairs.

    Untamed Dragon Pack
    They are dragons. That is all one truly needs to know for now. How does a wild pack factor in? That is a secret.

    Legions for Pure Version:

    Valley of Sonata
    A valley where people and their Pokemon sing to pass the days. Be wary of their bewitching songs, before you become tranced! It is said that the guardian Meloetta lies here.

    Zweihander Legion
    Uses warrior-themed Pokemon. A mostly male society.

    Golden Empire
    Located in a kingdom where eternal day reigns supreme. You're gonna need that Vitamin D. Focus on Fire-Type and sun-themed Pokemon.

    Covered by hail, this place hosts all kinds of cold-adapted Pokemon. The people here wish to cover the entire region in snow to make it their wonderland.

    Legions for Corrupt Version:

    Valley of Step
    A valley where people and their Pokemon dance to trance. It is said that the guardian Meloetta lies here.

    Located in a Victorian-style town where eternal night reigns supreme. Talk about no skin cancer! Focuses on Dark, Ghost, and 'nightly' or moon-themed Pokemon.

    Green Forest Maidens
    A female-only tribe with Forest-themed Pokemon. Mostly Grass-Types and Bug-Types with a hint of Fairy.

    A supposed environment adorned with pyramids. It seems to be inhabited only by wild Pokemon, but it is apparent that there is someone present who is controlling these Pokemon. Everywhere they conquer, Sandstorms rise.
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  2. Interesting, sadly school is starting for me :.(
  3. >Men of Honour


    That aside though, Black Forest Sisters sounds nice. TWIIINS~
  4. It's a work in progress. The idea is to throw Protean Greninja at your opponent and dump 10 billion King's Shield Shadow Sneak Aegislash.

    Speed Boost Baton Pass goes somewhere.

    Yeah, Black Forest Sisters are heavily based off the Mysterious Sisters Trainer Class.
  5. Hex Maniacs are best.~
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  6. damn straight.

    As much as the new design has a high quality charm, the older designs are still pretty cute with the hat and all. I kind of wanted the hat-wearing bespectacled versions in ORAS.
  7. I sorta prefer the XY version.
  8. Interested! I like the Turf War idea very much.
  9. That's one down.
  10. Due to a lack of suggestions, I have moved the Valley of Sonata to 'Version Exclusive' and added a dance-based counterpart.

    Which brings me to my next idea - a Hail-based environment and a Sandstorm-based environment.

    Also, this RP will have a new weather condition - Full Moon. It cannot be induced by a known move, and it'll only occur naturally. So basically, a natural phenomenom that acts like a weather condition.

    If there are no further suggestions, I think I can start this soon, as long as I have more playas.

    @Panne @Gula Gula
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  11. This has definitely caught my interest. I'll have to reread it, to make sure I fully understand what's going on, but I'm definitely interested in the Black Forest Sisters and Phatasmagoria.
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