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  1. Hi guys. I have yet to try out a couple charries of mine that I have made up recently. I found pics and I am eager to take them out for a spin! I haven't plotted anything, I reserve that for my individual partners, but if something pops into your mind just say so! I am filling multiple rp spots so don't be afraid to ask if someone's already taken one! I like to play female in mxf only pairings and my only limits are no multiple partners, no threesomes, foursomes, etc.

    Be aware, Some of these characters are pregnant in the picture. We can either plot with pregnancy in it, or we can pretend like shes not, but some of these pictures were too good to pass up.


    This one is a character I would likely use as a goddess charrie


    Red fox :3

    pregnant lioness.jpg

    I liked this one, it was a unique drawing


    This character unlike the other one is a character I would like to leave as a pregnant character. It was a cute picture and I liked it. :3
  2. I am always up for one. PM me.
  3. I'm down to do one with pregnancy. How do you feel about using one of the first two characters? Feel free to PM me when you get the chance!
  4. Red fox, or the lion lady
  5. I'm not sure I should start another RP but there's a character I've wanted to use with a goddess for a long time.
  6. I would like to RP with the red fox girl
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.