Some bluegrass lovin' (with a helping of The Dead on the side)

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  1. Lately, I've really been getting into the whole bluegrass genre. I have a jazz oriented background (been listening and playing since I was about 12), but when I got out of highschool and started to shop around for bands to play in, I always ended up in jam bands. At first, it was just silly fun for me, wailing the (concert) E and A blues scales over electric guitars and a drunk singer, but over the years, I've really developed an appreciation for it.

    My dad's always been a huge Dead fan and it seemed to fit in neatly to the package of what I think is good music. Then, my tastes started to delve even deeper into the whole bluegrass scene. I'm no country bumpkin by any means, but I just really love how authentic it sounds, how much the musicians really get into what they're playing/singing, and the (for lack of a better word) "love" they express through their music.

    Any other lovers of jam bands and bluegrass out there? Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms?

    ^Some good stuff
  2. We were in a field a mile from nowhere
    The sun up high
    In a field, the grass was flowin'
    she looked me in they eye

    "Hey", she said, "I've a fantasy"
    "I'll paint you & you paint me"
    "Ooh", I said, "what shall we be?"
    she said, "I'll be a butterfly
    You'll be a tree"

    Green & blue & red & yellow
    The colors dried
    I looked at her, she looked at me
    We laughed into the sky

    "Ooh, she said, "look & see!
    I am a butterfly, you are a tree"
    "Yes", I said, "I agree
    You are a butterfly
    I am a tree"

    Create a day up on a mountain
    The world below
    Time was easy, time was lazy
    Movin' nice &

    Bird flyin' off into the blue
    Troubles far away
    Sweet you were my lovely, lovely
    On that perfect day

    "Ooh", she said, "I feel so free
    I am a butterfly, you are a tree"
    "Yes", I said, "and a lucky tree
    Of all of the forest
    You land on me"

    You can't tell me that's not beautiful
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.