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  1. No one here really knows my character... but I've got some art of him from past roleplays and whatever. Do people do fan art of their own roleplays around here? I imagine it's not something that's completely out of the ordinary.

    Anyway. I'll just... post some stuff.

    cm fighting zetas.png
    This is one of the first drawings I made of him. Fighting his zetas with his laser guitar. Wearing a foil hat. Because he's a dork.

    very happy CM.png
    And also he's adorable.
    OM vs CM.png
    The original plot of the first story was of his future self going 5 years back and so the original story had two Matt's. And they had a really interesting relationship with each other because they were like brothers and they hated each other but respected each other and it was probably some of my favorite interactions. So this was sort of the header for the rp for a long time because it was one of the most solid parts of the storyline.

    bleh 6.JPG
    This was actually my first attempt at realistic art ever. So I'm pretty proud of it... even though I never finished it.

    CM sim 2.JPG
    I'm also a dork and made him a sim.

    *prepares to be flamed*
  2. This is good, it's good to have a character you like. The realistic one especially is quite good.
  3. The second one has some anatomy issues with the torso and arms. (I also struggle with bodies don't worry.) But your realistic ones are excellent. I sense something proportion-wise is off in those, like the way the mouth lines up, but it's barely noticeable.