Some 1x1 RP ideas ^^ Fandoms and such

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I have a few RP ideas for 1x1's I'd like to try out =)
Hit me up with a PM if interested or just post here

1 - Doctor Who

Set after the end of 'Wedding of River Song', basically The Doctor picks up River and they decide to go travelling together for a while. Being 11 and River, fun and hilarious times are sure to follow
Obviously only inquire if you're a Who fan, preferably one who's watched all of series 5 and 6 so you know The Doc, River, and their relationship. I'd like to play the Doctor

2 - Strawberry Panic!

Obviously a Yuri RP. Again, people who have watched the Anime please ^^. I'd love a Nagisa and Shizuma RP, and I'd love to play Nagisa. Obviously we could follow the story and put in our own twists or come up with something new altogether, but one way or another, Nagisa will end up melting into Shizuma's loving embrace

3 - FF13 (sort of)

When I first played the game, before I learned Fang and Vanille's full backstory, I could have sworn something was going on between them o.O. So yeah, a femslash RP between Fang and Vanille, probably set after FF13 is finished, and Lightning has somehow found a way to decrystalise them a few years on (maybe 10 or so) So now they have to readjust to the world together. I'd prefer to play Vanille

4 - Legend of Zelda

Link and Zelda, almost certainly probably with Ganon trying to kill/do something nasty to one/both of them. Could be set in pretty much any of the games or in our own personal scenario. Obviously far from Link having to just go and rescue Zelda a la norm, in this the two could go and adventure together to stop Ganondorf. Two Triforces are better than one. I'd play Link

5 - Sailor Moon
*Slightly Ashamed*, yes, I'm a bit of a SM fan, and a SM RP naturally lends itself to lots of bad girls trying to steal Mamoru's mind, body, heart and soul. But in the end, it only ever belonged to Usagi. I'd want to play Mamoru. We can muck about with the timeline and bring other scouts in if needed


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Urban fantasy, cyberpunk.



Wanna do eet? :D

Renn Lykan

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Ooh, I might be up for the Legend of Zelda one.


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*excitement* Strawberry panic! SO INTERESTED!


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Romance and smut are pretty much requirements for me at this point. Settings range from fantasy to historical fantasy to modfan, but I tend to stay within that umbrella. I have a soft spot for some fandom settings, but tastes with regards to those are specific.
Awww x3 *missed the Zelda* Wish you luck getting your other ones though.