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  1. Alright, so rather than continue petitioning for the chance to RP with people, I'll make you come to me. MWAHAHA! *ahem* I mean... <_<

    Okay, I'm going to make this as quick as I can, because I'd very much like to get one of my ideas underway tout de suite! There's a lot of overlap with them because, well, it's winter and I want to write something set in winter. *shrug* I may add new ideas later, we'll see.

    The specs:
    -As per the 'Advanced' tag, please have competent SPaG.
    -I'm male, but have no preferences on the sex of my fellow RPer.
    -Over 18, ask you be the same.
    -Romance: Welcome, but must be organic and never the point of the exercise.
    -No interest in smut; fade to black.
    -Swearing, violence, gore, sacrilege, all fine. ;)
    -Quality > quantity, but I HIGHLY appreciate quick posters (1-3 days to a week), they keep my own motivation for a project going.
    -Participate in the worldbuilding!
    -Flexible w/ writing NPCs, gender, age (seriously, not everyone in the world is in their early 20s, people).

    The one that sends 'em running:
    I'm not the best at living up to my own posting ideals. :\ I like to use RPs as a way to hone my writing because it's what I want to do professionally someday, so I'm a perfectionist and can have difficulty hurtling a snag I've hit in a post for a little while. I'm also a bit of a slave to my creative whims and can't always immediately apply myself to a particular setting or reply; sometimes I'll stray from it for a few days or a even a week (gasp!) before I can get back 'into the zone.' Shared enthusiasm from the other party is usually the best medicine for any meandering or foot-dragging on my part, and my thought has always been a good partnership brings out the best in one.

    And now, the good stuff!

    1.) A prehistoric-style setting during the onset of an Ice Age. A tribe's soothsayer is their link to the gods, their ancestors and the hereafter. When one falls ill, an escort of stout young men and her retinue of handmaids are tasked with seeing her to a holy site for healing. But the journey is hard and treacherous and soon the only help left to her is the beardless young hunter with no great deeds to his name. (Fantasy/Adventure)

    2.) A small crew of deep-space explorers respond to the SOS of a secluded colony/research outpost. When they arrive, they discover things have gone terribly wrong. Set on a wintry world. Underdeveloped idea. Inspired by the Star Trek TOS movie era (Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock & Undiscovered Country). (Sci-Fi/Horror?/Thriller)

    3.)-Modern or near-future. In an isolated town in the mountains, a disaffected astronomer's bottled-up rage claims the life of the assistant who spurned him. As he attempts to hide the body, a strange meteor streaks the sky... and the dead girl begins to move anew under the guidance of a cunning alien intelligence. (Sci-Fi/Horror/Thriller) TAKEN

    4.) Ambitious colonists travel far from home to drop anchor on the frigid shores of the uncharted north and mine the valuable new resources recently discovered there. But the locals, simple fisherfolk who keep largely to themselves, warn them not to rouse the anger of the demons that dwell within the mountains or the sleeping god they serve. Inspired by the Klondike Gold Rush, Red Dead Redemption, wuxia/samurai/ninja films, 8-/16-/32-bit games like FFS. (Fantasy/Drama)

    5.) Modern/20th century. Strange goings-on in the storied hotel of a sleepy mountain town. Underdeveloped idea. Inspired by The Shining (Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick), The Silence (Ingmar Bergman). (Drama/Horror/Supernatural?)
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  2. I'm interested in your last idea, but I don't know how 'advanced' you need your partner to be. By Iwaku's standards I don't think I'm advanced, but you mentioned that you meant it as in having good spelling, punctuation and grammar. I always spell check my posts, and I like re-reading my rps so if I find a mistake later, I edit it. I don't know if you have any post length requirement. Also, I only roleplay male characters, just in case you wanted to know. What do you think?
  3. Firstly, thanks for your response! It's actually amusing you show interest in my last idea, as it's the most underdeveloped and the one I expected people's eyes to gloss over.

    As for my take on Advanced, I didn't simply mean that a person should be good at the technical side of writing, of course, I want to write with someone who can produce good content, too! It's one of those highly subjective, hard-to-define things, like art or pornography; I just know it when I see it (or at least, I know when I see what I'll personally gel with). Same goes with post length. Being a stickler about that sort of thing seems counterintuitive, but I do want to come away from a reading with the feeling that my partner has put in some effort to help tell a good story. Quality before quantity, as mentioned above. Gun to my head, I must admit to enjoying a 'hearty' reply, though, but these are obviously not always fitting or required.

    Also above, I mentioned I would prefer my partner to be flexible with writing gender (among other things). This isn't necessarily something I'm inclined to be an iron-fisted tyrant over, though I do think it's pragmatic as most games should ideally feature more than just two characters, or NPCs that are also only of one sex.

    One last thing is that when it comes to any romance between characters, I tend to favor a plot with that as a potential feature rather than romance as the plot, so that's another thing to take into consideration. If none of this is deterring you, feel free to PM me with any budding ideas you may be having and we'll see what happens. ;)
  4. By saying I only play male characters, I meant it as my main characters. Of course more variety is expected from NPCs.~

    I'll send you a PM with ideas when I get back from college. Have a nice day.
  5. I'm currently set to begin option No. 3 with someone, but I'm still looking for willing players for 1, 2 and 4! :)
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