Solving Boredom please?

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  1. Okie dokies, so I've gotten really bored lately..And I thought maybe I could find someone to help me solve it here!

    Here are a few things that I'd be interested in:

    Harry Potter
    Hunger Games
    School Bullies
    Lost Girl
    Hospital Patients

    If you like one of them, post here or PM me, I'll respond as soon as I see it =)
    If you have any other ideas, Let me know! I am open to pretty much anything, no exaggeration there!

  2. Hunger Games sounds like it could keep my attention! I'd be interested rp'ing that with you :D
  3. okie dokie, i'll pm you.
  4. lets be wizards!!!!!!!! i would love to do a harry potter rp with you
  5. yeah XD were going to be wized pull out *harry glasses and a wand*
  6. =) Yep. I hope someone else comes along and picks something...I need more time to fill =) (I get bored pretty easy...sadly, that's a flaw in the character of myself)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.