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  1. I paid $50.00 of my hard earned money on donating to Iwaku. I clicked the donation button and went through the process of donating with paypal and linking my debit card. $50.00 dollars is not in my bank account as of September 19th, 2016. I have yet to have any "privileges" assigned to me or even the userbar. I don't appreciate this as a staff member and loyal Iwaku member. -.- SO, can someone help me understand why I don't have anything to show for fifty dollars?
  2. Message Diana for her to give you the userbar. I know there are two ways to donate to Iwaku and one does not automatically give you Donator status while the other one does.

  3. @Diana
    I'll just tag her. PM's get lost.
    Don't you think that should be clearly expressed somewhere?
  4. @WhisperingWillows

    It is actually supposed to tell you right there on the donations page that if you use the donation counter it will not automagically add the donator privileges. D: Apparently that got erased during the last site update because we had to switch donation managers. I apologize for that and will get that fixed ASAP.

    I went ahead and added your donator privileges now.

    Next time you have an issue, especially one as important as this, I would definitely appreciate a heads up a lot sooner than a month later. If possible, with a tone that doesn't sound so accusatory and assumptious. Obviously your hard earned money is VERY important and we would not want to screw anybody over that way. D: But I don't appreciate being accused of wasting someone's money over something that was an oversight and an accident, without being given a chance to even KNOW there was a problem and get it fixed.
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  5. I apologize if my tone was harsh in anyway. I figured I would give it a little bit and see if they showed up, and when they didn't I was starting to get a little worried. I am sorry for coming off as accusatory. I didn't mean it that way, I was just super worried. Thank you so much for doing this Diana! I just figured you were really busy and would wait to see, but when I checked earlier today and it still hadn't shown up, I panicked a little bit. :s Sorry Owlmother!
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