Solutions To Problems You Didn't Know You Had

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  1. Have you ever used something out of the norm to solve a problem or make something easier for yourself that you never thought you could use before?

  2. oh! I found more!

  3. I do not think I have done things like that unfortunately, but I do have a funny story in relation to strange solutions to mundane problems. This was back in high school, when me and one of my acquaintances locked ourselves out of the room we studied in. Up to this day, we do not know how we managed it, but somehow, the door closed while we were down buying some drinks. So for a while, we contemplated our options, then, out of nowhere, my friend drank his drink in one gulp and literally ripped it apart with his bare hands. Needless to say, I looked at him quite weirdly, until he folded the plastic bottle out and tried to open the door with it. Unfortunately, the door proved to be a tough opponent, so we had to sniff around the whole school to find a teacher who could open the door for us.

    So I guess the lesson of the day is that you can not use plastic bottles to open doors.