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    -General Idea, a tavern with a twist, the twist being, this tavern is also a guild house for bounty hunters from all over this world (Fumai) and other worlds. The settings are future fantasy leaning more toward Tenchi muyo, and other steam-futura settings (final fantasy realm we may have ships and lasers but we still run around with swords n other weapons). Finally I would like three joiners with be one of the 'Four Notes' See bellow in first post for more on them. No profile required of course, but I'll be posting one so you get a general feel for my character as she will be the Eastern Note. -

    ::Year 3046::
    ~One lonely little planet sits on the edge of the Bannerman's Federation (universal super powa) domain. This planet is Fumai, a ruggedly terraformed habitat filled with strange ocean's and massive forests filled with unusually carnivorous plant-life. And the beasts here... well that's a whole nother story all together. No time for that now, as our story starts in a strange little place called the Solstice Tavern & Inn, where the heroes of our story take rest, and mingle with the other bounty hunters of the realms. ~

    -image by Zhaoenzhe
    ::Solstice Tavern::
    As you burst through the trees running from Fumai's newest mutation you find yourself falling face first into an aqua blue lake surrounded by bulbous mushrooms as tall as a man. Quickly veering your path you stumble along the lake's shore only to notice a large shadow hovering fifty feet above the lake, sitting in the air as if this were an every day thing is a strangely shaped tavern. It's architecture of it's roof's suggesting oriental origins, while the walls and foundations suggest gothic. It's a strange building composed of several smaller buildings all connected with bridges. A sign hanging from the very lowest point of the lowest building reads loudly "COME IN THE DRINKS ARE TASTY!" Listening to this sign you decide to make this venture. After an entrancing boat ride floats you to the entrance your starting to wonder about your decision, as from behind the doors before you, a loud ruckus is thundering. Behind those doors awaits some of the most fierce bounty hunters in the universe. Funny how several of their wanted posters are tacked to the front door...

    As border Bannerman Federation Planet with little to no refuge. More on this area soon.


    The day was just starting but it wasn't all that early still. The moon's were full in the sky still however that marked it at a quarter til noon. Good time as any to get up she figured. She stretched long legs and crimson eyes glanced at the floor beside her pallet on the floor. Cloths were strewn in every which direction but still it was easy enough for her to find her pocketed cargo's and a cream tube top to wear over her dark tanned skin. Several tattoo's decorated her left shoulder while a sleeve ran the entire length of her right arm. She swept up her long cream blonde hair into a half tail then slung a swede trench-coat about her slim shoulders. Finally bending to stuff her feet into platform wedge boots that clung tightly all the way up to her knees. Standing ready she was maybe all of 5'7" even with the heels and maybe twenty five at most in age.

    She turned to leave her lovely attic home when she spotted the pamphlet tacked to the wall. A smirk pulled at her lips, apparently she and three of her brothers were being targeted now. The title read "Dangerous Notes in Space" hilarious title dweebs, she thought rolling her crimson colored eyes. The page further read...

    Bringers of Chaos the Four Notes are wanted dead or alive for the death's of Council members of the Bannerman's Federation. Any hunters should be advised, targets are the Four Notes! These individuals are known across the galaxy for their terrifying abilities in either magic or combat. Hunt them at your own risk. They were once the Four Sound of Governance on Bannerman's Citadel, but they are now outcasts and unpredictable.
    The young woman rolled her eyes again, summing that up, she thought, means we killed the council and are now disgraced bounty hunters. I'll take that title since our beloved council men were trying to summon something far more deadly than we four. She shrugged her shoulders and moved out the portal to her room. Stepping out onto a landing she turned and made her way downstairs to the main hall of the Solstice Tavern where there was mead to be tasted.

    When she entered the main hall she was greeted by cherry colored wood, trimmed in deep black mahogany. The bar swept across the room in a lateral line, while the tables sat sparsely around pool tables, and booth couches. A large cylinder vid-screen hoovers in the center of the room streaming videos and news from the galaxy's most wanted lists. The tavern was slow this morning but the young woman was confident things would pick up. A name called across the room drew the woman's attention.

    "Ade! Come cheer dove, we got news from Betga" The girl turned and made for the bar sliding small frame onto the stool. "you'd think you'dt be a lil more careful answering so freely ter yer name Adelayd" The bar keep scolded her. She rolled crimson eyes and shrugged thin shoulders while she twirled a finger through her silvery golden hair.

    "Shouldn't hafta' hide in my home. 'Sides Jak, everyone who comes'n here knows this be the Four Notes' home. Who's crazy enough to bark up our tree hmm?" She asked looking down into the amber mead set before her. Liquid swirling drawing her attention in she sighed. She was ready for a new mission, but she was only second in the Four's little family she had to wait for North Note's commands before doing anything on this lovely day. She side.
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  2. !!!Announcements!!!

    ~Okay things in YELLOW are updates, things in RED are important advertisements or positions still needed, things in GREEN are plot advancements or story notes. Anything in WHITE is general information, notes from the author [andilyn] thank you for reading!~
    +Jan. 16th2014: UPDATE :
    --First of let me start by saying I'm sorry for the lack of posting the last couple of days. My grams isn't doin so good and I have been in and out of the hospital with her. But she is doing better and I have finally rested up a little bit and now I am back. My posts will be back up to par next round.
    --NEXT! If your reading this then you've found the OOC Thread dedicated to Solstice Tavern. Please check back often the "SETTINGS" area found above, as I will be updating that the most, and the members area too. Hoping to get some new members as we pick up speed and start going on missions ^.^.

    --STILL OPEN THE WESTERN NOTE EARTH THIRD IN COMMAND [if you have a friend or could promote this position we would greatly appreciate it ^.^]

    +Jan. 17th2014: NEW MEMBER :
    --Lets everyone welcome Tribulum aka Raja to our group! Thank you so much for joining us.
    --Also updated the members list a little bit. If anyone has a profile they would like me to ad just post it here in our OOC thread. Thanks guys for being Great!
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  3. ::Character Profile::

    Bellow you will se a list of our members and if they have added a profile also bellow.
    Four Notes: A group of four once protecting the high Council of the Bannerman's Federation. However, in a devious plot the Councilmen tried to summon a creature known as the Daevon. The Four Notes turned on the Councilmen and destroyed their summon shard. They were then cast out of the Bannerman's Citadel and chased to the edges where they were though dead. These four are extremely powerful each holding elemental affiliation in some way.
    Northern Note : Male : Leader : Wind
    Western Note : Male : Earth (both rock and plant) Third in Command OPEN
    Southern Note : Male : Water Scout
    Eastern Note: Female : Flame Lieutenant

    (if you would like to be one of the three notes just jump in as one, If it's stripped out it's taken. You may still be any other type of bounty hunter you like.)

    • [Adelayd Devis aka Eastern Note] played by andilyn
    Age: 25
    Race: Lyshian [mage like race with elemental bonds]
    Weapon of Choice: Sagittarius [a bow strung with a fire chord, fires bolts of ghostly white fire. can split apart just bellow the grip into twin sabers bladed with white fire energy.]
    Element / Battle Type: Fire and Blood Summoner... of sorts. You'll just have to see.
    Personality: A little abrasive, she doesn't mind rubbing people the wrong way, and can be viewed as devious in nature. She can be arrogant, strong willed, and demonic in nature. However when it come to the Four Notes she is loyal and will kill anything that dares to harm them. She is also a devoted Lieutenant to Corvin the Northern Note. She also tend to be a little wild with her magic and unbothered by the consequences of its effect.
    History: Unknown,
    Appearence: Standing 5'2", with a slim build Ade looked barely old enough to drink let alone twenty five. Her long honey blonde hair is normally swept back into braids and buns but when let loose it's tips sweep just above her hips. Her right arm is covered in a sleeve of tattoos each one differing from the last yet still all tying together with style and line quality. In comparison on her left arm only a should slung with tattoos. Starting on her left collar bone the tribal tattoo stretches horizontally around her arm and shoulder to spread across her back in a large tribal wing. Ade's skin is a dark hazel and her olive face sets ablaze her most unique quality, her eyes. Firey red violet eyes that seem to glow around pale gray pupils that retract like a cats. All this ties together to the almost innocent Adelayd, but do not be fooled.

    • Max Karter aka Southern Note] played by Joeymici
    Age: 25
    Race: Human/dragonoid (The dragonoids are only human like in body and thus can breed with humans.) The dragonoid half of him gives him more affinity to water and abilities that normal humans wouldn't have.
    Weapon of Choice: Denki Ken (Electric Sword). This is a Katana made of a sturdy, conductive metal that was lost long ago. The metal can take any small amount of static and make it a small lightning bolt. However, it needs a small amount of the wielder's energy to do so. Besides this interesting ability, the sword's metal can also regenerate when exposed to high amounts of electricity.
    Element/Battle Type: Water/Evasive and Defensive. If he is alone he will expend quite a bit of his magical energy and use his speed to try and win. His other element is light, but only in his "Synced" form.
    Synced Form: By concentrating all his power into his heart, he can awaken the dragonoid inside of him. The only physical change this form gives is a blue aura around him. Otherwise, his energy is completely restored as he enters it, and he gains the ability to use light magic. This form is able to last up to one hour if he does not run out of energy, and he can end it as early as he wants. The drawback to using this form is that it takes a full twenty four hours to recover, so this is only a last resort ability.
    History: The only thing he reveals about his past is that he is from a lost planet called Zelanis. Otherwise everyone should know he is the Southern Note of the Four Notes.
    Appearence: Here is the link to the full body but my avatar is him too.

      • [Corvin aka Northern Note] played by DreamlandDenizen
      • [Jim] played by Engima
      • [Raja] played by Tribulum

    Alright past here I would like this thread to be used for anything you guys, the members, have to say. Need to be gone for a little while? Need help with a post or plot twist idea? Suggestions? Questions? Post all these sort of things bellow.
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