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  1. Andrea walked down the streets of New Your City. her black curls were stirred gently by the frigid winter breeze, and the sound of her feet crunching on the snow was the only sound she could hear. She kept her dark eyes cast downwords; watching her feet so she wouldn't step on any of the bodies in the street.
    no matter where she looked, there were bodies. In the cars, on the sidewalks. They were strewn about haphazardly like the toys of some giant toddler. In one day, the city had gone from bustling full of life to this catacomb of silence. deafening silence that made Andrea wonder if she was going mad.
    she'd woken one day to find everyone dead. no marks on their pale faces, no blood, and no sign as to what had killed them.
    At first, she just screamed. She screamed and tried to wake herself from this silent nightmare. Then she tried to find someone to help her. Anyone.
    She had no idea why she was still alive, or if she was the only one left in the city who still drew breath.
    it had been three days. For three days she'd wandered, searching for food and any signs of life. There was plenty of food to be found. She had yet to find any another living person. or anything alive, for that matter. she was alone, walking in the through a dead city.

    (Please excuse mistakes, I'm on my phone. Basically, this is a jump in survival rp. Surviving the elements, and surviving surprises to come in the future....*evil cackle*)
  2. Chris sat in front of his fire. He couldn't bare to be inside the house where his whole family died. He buried graves for them in the back garden and left. He was watching the fire dance in front of his eyes. He liked the warmth of the fire. Of made him feel safe. He looked around the park he was in. Nice park, good memories. He had a rucksack full of food, blankets, first aid kit, matches, water,a torch just things for surviving. He hasn't settled down anywhere. Moving around to places with food and heating.

    He hated this. He had thought about suicide a lot already. Hadn't even been a week. How is he going to survive? He was going to go insane. He cringed at the thought. "Just keep going" he told himself.
  3. (Hope you don't mind.. a litterly insane girl. And when I have her see your character, she mistakes her for a creature she has seen in her dreams. Just making sure you know its Andrea.)

    Everything was quiet. Too quiet. It startled the brunette, she was scared- and not to mention lost. She didn't know her way around this city, her parents had never let her out. They said that she was too crazy. In fact they were right, she was crazy.

    When everyone dropped dead, the only thing Aniela could do was scream. Scream and scream. She had seen so many dead corpses in her dreams but would've never imagined to actually be stepping around corpses. The corpses littered the streets and some in cars.

    It drove her crazy, the quiet. It was eerie. It was depressing.

    Then all of the sudden, she heard the slightest of sounds. Footsteps. And not hers. Aniela jerked her head around to see a dark figure, it was far away. Shadows. It had to be one of the shadows. The creatures that had been haunting her dreams for nineteen years. She let out a blood curdling scream. No, no. It can't come near her now. She wasn't ready to die. She was too young, she was only nineteen! Aniela dropped to her knees, ignoring the stench that came from the rotting bodies. She put her head in her hands and continued screaming.
  4. (Thanks for the explanation, bunny. ^_^ I like your character!) Andrea jumper at the sudden sound. After such a long time of silence, it left her dumbfounded. Eventually though, her shock wore off and she ran towards the sound. "H-hello?!" She yelled as she ran closer. It looked like a girl who was close to her age. "Are you alright?!" She almost laughed at the question as it came out of her mouth. Who would be alright? Everyone is dead. Well, not everyone.
  5. Aniela moved further away from the stranger. She backed up into one of the dead corpses and screamed even louder. She felt it's cold fingers on her leg. "Don't kill me! I'm too young! No, no, no, no." she screeched. Aniela sounded generally terrified. Eventually, she looked up to see that the dark figure was up close. It was a shado- what? Aniela stopped her screaming. It was as if a veil lifted, there was a girl in front of her. A live girl. She was asking if Aniela was okay. Was she okay? Fuck no. Her heart was beating hard and she had a dead man's fingers on her legs. Despite her fear, she jumped up and hugged the girl.

    "I-I haven't seen someone in so long! Thank god your here. I was so lonely. Mom and dad just.. dropped dead! Everyone did. I'm so happy." The tears coming from her eyes were tears of joy, not of fear or sadness. She was happy. Aniela didn't care that the girl she was hugging was a stranger. She was a.. PERSON!
    "I've never ever been outside and I got lost. Mom and Dad never let me out because they said I was crazy." She had schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder. She couldn't help but being insane.

    (Thanks. Haha. )
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