"Solitude sometimes is best society".

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  1. Hello,

    The quote in the title is from one of my favorite books: Paradise Lost by John Milton. I like it because it's something that can be comforting in this sometimes stressful, interconnected society in which we live.

    In my spare time I enjoy a bit of writing, musing, reading, gaming, fashion, and such things. In terms of the fictitious, I enjoy Dark Fantasy and Epic Poetry quite a bit. I already mentioned Paradise Lost, but The Divine Comedy and The Kalevala are delightful as well. I was also quite captivated by Dark Souls I & II.
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  2. Welcome to the Iwaku RP community, Sway-chan!
  3. Hey Sway! It's nice to meet you! The Dark Souls games are really hard from what I've heard, but they're supposed to be good.
  4. Hello Sway and welcome to Iwaku!~ I've played Dark Souls as well and it was quite challenging the first time around . Anywho, enjoy your stay!
  5. Thank you, ladies. The atmosphere and arts of Dark Souls is what gets me, though. It's so eerie and moody.
  6. Dark souls is difficult. I have speed run through the game in three hours. The record is 34 mins. Youtube it if you don't believe me LOL.

    Welcome btw, and as I always seem to state in these threads...

    If you ever desire a fantasy themed roleplay, do not hesitate to trouble me with a message.
  7. Greetings Sway, welcome to the site! ^o^
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  8. Thanks for the warm welcome.

    I shall keep it in mind.
  9. Welcome to the site, Sway :). I hope you enjoy your stay!
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