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  1. Role Play is Here

    I believe we have enough members, so the initial role play can begin. if there is anyone else who would like to join do it quickly.

    Solitaire is a Large Underground Testing Facility in Russia. It is owned by The USA, and the Russians don't even know about it.
    Solitaire's Facilities are for the use and purpose of creating a Form of Super Soldier from (10-12)preteens to young adults(19-21). [Overall age group 10-21]. The Program at the Facility Tests Periodic Drug and Radiation Exposure to modify and mutate people into Super soldiers.

    The Super soldier Testing has had the overall effect of giving people Post God Like Powers (Superpowers)

    It's been 15 years since the Facility officially opened and since then abduction and testing of people has gone up 20%.

    Sub Setting:
    You Will wake up in a room that has been designed to your characters personal Interests, The room is 20ft wide, 20ft long, and 8 ft tall, with an 8ft wide and 20ft long bathroom(At whichever side of the room you like.).

    The room will automatically include a Dresser with a T Shirt Terminal, A wall terminal for the lights, a mini-fridge(auto restocks with fav. drink.). The Bathroom Has a Rug of Your choice, A mirror above a sink, A terminal and dispenser (For medical supplies, Glasses/contact Prescriptions, Toothpaste, etc...), A shower with a waterproof terminal and a shampoo/conditioner/body wash dispenser, and a single heat sensing ceiling light.. (Terminals Can be hacked by characters with programing and Computer related natural skills to change Pants color, food options, light settings Etc...)

    The room will have a multicolored light above the doorway which indicates when the door is locked or unlocked. (Doors auto lock and unlock at set times. Character does not have access to lock.)

    Your Role:
    You are a [Insert Age] year old [Insert Gender] who has been abducted for the purpose of being a test subject.

    You will create a character and describe a shirt (T-Shirt, Long sleeve, Beater, Tank, etc.) that will Be unique to your character.
    All characters will be required to wear a Medium Grey Jumpsuit pants through the first part.(Technics can hack the color in their terminals.)
    Character will also have black sneakers.

    Yo will also Create and describe a Super Power for your character, The restriction on making your power is no invincibility. Your power may have up to 3 extension abilities. [Example: Transformation into a dragon, Extensions would be flight, Fire breathing, and durable scales/skin.]

    Upon first entry
    When the RP first starts you'll be waking up in the standard Solitaire Uniform (T-Shirt and Jumpsuit pants.) and a green light above your bedroom door will be flashing signaling its unlocked. The terminal on the wall will say "It is time to get up, Please proceed to the Forum.(lecture hall type room.)". After whatever actions you choose, Proceeding to the forum is mandatory. The RP will progress from there.

    this is kinda what the Forum looks like:
    Show Spoiler

    Applications will be in this format:
    Name: (First, Last name is optional)
    (Optional)Alias Name: (Like a super hero/villan name, or just a name to use so you don't have to give your real name out.)
    Your shirt design:
    Bio: (Optional)
    Room Appearance:
    Natural abilities:

    List of natural abilities:

    • Charm [Natural ability to.. Well charm people. Usually goes with persuasion]
    • Technic [Hackers and programers.]
    • Sport [Sports skills too many to list out.]
    • Combat [Martial arts, Boxing, Street fighting etc.]
    • Persuasion [Guess]
    • Adv. Sense [Smell, Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch]
    • Reading people
    • Custom Ability [Nothing outrageous.]
    I suggest sticking to a minimum of 2, but you may have more.

    Solitaire Group:
    I will add your name to this list after you have signed up
    Show Spoiler

    • Andrew Stearns {Crowseph5 / Me}
    • Johnathon Silo {Suirō}
    • Austin Hemingway {SeparateLivesSeparateLovers}
    • Gabrielle L. Evans {Mexma}
    • Remiel King {Seveer}
    • Sabriel White {Iron Men And Saints}
    • Alice Lovette {Sammael}
    • Devin Fairfax {Squee}
    • Miranda Crowe {Rufiya}


    Name: Andrew Stearns

    Alias Name: Blue Crow

    Age: 16

    Appearance: 6ft average/slim, Dual Colored hair(Blond on right side brown on left, profile picture is wrong), and contact lenses.
    Your shirt design: Standard Black T-Shirt with a Skull on the front and a Yin Yang on the back
    Personality: A bit of a loner, but open to help people. Likes to wreak a little bit of havoc on people he doesn't like

    Bio: Born and raised in a small city in Kansas, He went to sleep one Day and woke up in Solitaire the next.

    Power: Phase Shifting (He can Alter reality in plates around him up to 4 feet away, He can only make 3 plates at a time.. Example: Locked door, He can create a plates on both sides of the door that connect to each other so that he may pass through.) His ability to bend space of reality a little bit allows him to change what his clothes look like whenever he wants, within the dimensions of the clothing he's wearing though.

    Room Appearance: Dark wood floor, Japanese Room Table, Mini-fridge looks like a safe. Bed has Black Sheets and blankets with 3 Blue stars on it. Dark Wood Dresser, Black fur Bathroom rug, small drawer under table for pens and paper.

    Natural abilities:Technic, Reading people.
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  2. Name: Johnathon Silo
    Alia Name: Banshee
    Appearance: 5ft 6inch thin boy. brown hair with blond streaks. wears goggles on head.
    shirt: is a deep red with black ravens on the back
    Personality: A quiet boy that only speaks out when he has to. likes to wear goggles when using his power. he is sensitive about his height knowing its not
    normal to be this tall at 13. he has been a loner sense 1st grade.
    Power: To scream at a high pitch to cause people to have internal bleeding. he can control his screech to knock out guards.
    Room Apearance: entire room is made of thick sound proof glass, preventing him to use his power to break the glass. the bed is a plan white with white pillows, everything is made of this sound proof glass (mini fridge and dressers and such) rug is a deep baby blue.
    Natural abilities: Adv. sense (super hearing) and charm
  3. Name: Austin Hemingway
    (Optional)Alias Name:
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Height- 6'3" wingspan- 12 feet, six inches.
    Your shirt design: Black tank with a
    [​IMG] on it.
    Personality: Quiet, thoughtful.
    Power: Telepathy, telekinesis, healing.
    Room Appearance: (Will edit later, not enough time currently!)
    Natural abilities: Flight, persuasion.
  4. Name: Gabrielle L. Evans
    (Optional)Alias Name: Gillian
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Gillian stands at a height of 5'6'', being slim but having some muscles here and there to kick some ass. Used to be a ginger until she decided to dye her hair dark purple; green eyes that can turn greener when she uses her power. Freckles all over the top of her cheeks, neck, back, and her arms. Her ears are a bit pointy on the end and so are her teeth, not like a shark's and neither like a vampire's fangs, but they're pointy.
    Your shirt design: Dark green top with black lacings and stitching on the sides that look like real thorns.
    Personality: Curious, laid-back, angers easily when something doesn't work or is annoying. Likes to read horror stories. She likes to make random jokes even on the least expected moments that she only understands. She is scared of the shadows and this might be the only fear that can make her freeze on the spot.
    Bio: (Optional) A simple girl that still lived with her father and her half-sister. She used to work on a pizza shop at the night shift and went to college to study medicine (though she wasn't that good at it).
    Power: Able to produce any kind of poison/venom inside herself and use it as a weapon. Example: dart needle-size thorns from her hands full of poison, bite someone the way a snake would, suck out the poison from something full of it.
    Room Appearance: a case full of Stephen King books, fridge full of diet coke and m&m's, an indivisual bed with blue and yellow covers and 3 white pillows, a desk and her rug is black.
    Natural abilities: Combat, Adv. Sense (smell, taste)
  5. Name: Remiel King
    Alias Name: Twitch
    Appearance: Remiel is very slim, with tan light brown skin, and standing at a height of 5'3", with a curly afro that adds a another 4-5 inches to his height. He wears a pair of goggles that doubles as glasses, which protects his eyes while running.
    Your shirt design: A blue long sleeved T-Shirt, with a golden lightning bolt emblem on the back.
    Personality:Has an outwardly calm nature, and a bad habit of running his mouth whenever he's nervous, frustrated, or scared which strangely happens a lot due to his anti-social nature.
    Power: Can move and think at super fast speeds.
    Natural abilities:Combat, Technic
    Room Appearance: Soft padded, walls and floor, a bookshelf with a LARGE collection of clumsily stacked books, a now bed frame with its' pillows and sheets tossed in the center of the room, a neon light that changes colors every couple of minutes, and a fridge filled with candy and orange soda.
  6. Name: Sabriel White

    Age: 16

    Appearance: She was short, she had short cut blonde hair, brown eyes, a calm face that seemed to have a aura of forgiveness and a unique smile. She also bore a small nose piercing on the side of her nose that was a silver heart.
    Show Spoiler

    Your shirt design: A black tank top with white hearts along the bottom.

    Personality: Forgiving but violent if provoked. She tends to give off the feeling of safety though. She cursed but wasn't prude or rude. She always smiled.

    Power: Sabriel had the ability to fly. However it usually wasn't long, a few minutes was stretching it but she was modest about it. She could fly at a constant fifty miles an hour.

    Room Appearance: The ceiling was tall, it bore no furniture and was well lit. It was big. Sabriel could think and walk around in it without the interruption of outside objects, opinions or ideas. She was free here.

    Natural abilities: Charm, Reading people.
  7. Hate to throw this out there but he hasn't logged (or seemed to be active) since earlier last month... :/ May throw up a profile just incase he returns but still...
  8. Yeah I noticed that too after I had made my character
  9. I had noticed but I figured in the hopes that he does return I might as well post.
  10. Nothing wrong with hoping, right? :D
  11. Yeah. Plus if he doesn't come back and the rest of us are feeling up for it we already all have characters! :D
  12. Everyone who Applied is accepted, and sorry for my inactivity!

    You may begin posting in the IC if you'd like!
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  13. Is it too late to join?

  14. Not by a long shot, feel free to create a character and jump in!
  15. Name: Alice Lovette
    Alias Name: Kitty
    Age: 18
    Your shirt design: Pink
    Personality: Bubbly, dimwitted, oblivious, outgoing, a dunce.
    Bio: Not much is known about ALice. There are rumors she is the lead scientist daughter whom was chosen for selection as having "accepting" genes.
    Power: Melt into shadows. Extensions - Increase shadow density to cause harm, vision in darkness is increased to unknown levels, heal non-fatal wounds with shadows completely and partially heal fatal wounds to extent of minor damage while losing conscience afterwards.
    Room Appearance: Pure black, lighting is minimal and almost non-existent
    Natural abilities: Charasmatic - although not persuasive, her attitude towards everyone and life makes anyone spending time with her instinctively want to protect her. To what extent depends on person and amount of time spent with her
    Combat - although she was never trained in any form of martial arts, Alice has a unique ability to dodge. This tends to anger most opponents whom have short tempers.
    Endurance - not much can be said about her endurance,. but test have shown she is able to last in most fights for long periods of time without tiring while she is also able to run longer distances without shortness of breath. Blackbird___Quiescence_by_shilin.jpg
  16. I hope my application is acceptable.
  17. Accepted, feel free to start posting in the IC. Link in first post
  18. um woundering if this isopen for anyone new?
  19. It is open until i put the closed caption in the title. Feel free to apply and jump in.
  20. thanks and will do