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  1. Solitaire IC

    Solitaire Is a United States Research Facility that Does not exist. Random people of all age groups 6 and up have been kidnapped and forcefully held in this facility under the cover that they volunteered or signed up by their parent or guardians.
    The Research facility forcefully changes and modifies DNA into different aesthetic properties which in turn has un-explainably given The kidnapped people super human abilities. In the Facility you will learn what your ability is, how to control it, and how to turn solitaire upside down.

    Character Creation:
    Super Power: (Within Reason)
    Shirt: (You will decide the type of shirt and the kinds of markings/logos on the shirt, this will be the only kind of shirt in your wardrobe in multiples.)
    Quirks: (Athletic, Brute, Tech savvy, Acrobatics etc. [no more than 4 and try to be within reason.])
    *Note: all characters will wear Grey Jumpsuit pants with their shirt along with black tennis shoes.

    Situation and Beginning of role play:
    You wake up in a room with (Color) walls, and (color) tile floor. a red light flashes above a door
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    solitaire map.png
    Map of the Facility

    (Small scale tile of what the room layout is.)
    The bed you wake up on is (color), with (color) colored sheets and (color) colored pillow.
    on the right side of the room (from pic) is a dresser between the bed and the upper wall. on the floor is a (color) colored rug. in the bathroom there is a bathtub/shower, a toilet, and a sink with a medical cabinet.
    when you leave the room you will enter a hall with yellow arrow shaped lights flashing following the corners of the hall. (your room will either be on the right side or the left side of the hall.) At the End of the hall following the lights is a set of doors that lead into a large half round lecture-hall like room that is split down the middle where seats are on either side. a man stands on a stage in the middle at the bottom with two red doors at both sides of a presentation screen.
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    Note: I will be playing a few NPC's as well as my own character.

    Feel free to ask questions.

    **After the Characters have made their way to the lecture hall and have been given the introduction presentation a group leader will be picked by the characters. the group leader will be given a small explanation and vague heads up of how to play through the role.

    Members of the RP

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    Sora Blade
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  2. Name: Nyle Collins
    Age: 17

    Gender: Male
    Appearance: About 6'0" high. Fair light skin. short black hair that is spiky towards the front. Ice blue eyes. he has slight muscular
    refinement. a scar goes from his right shoulder diagonally across his back and ends on his left buttocks.

    Super Power: Can Mold, Create, and melt ice at will within a 50 ft radius. (Within Learning) (any further than 50 ft. would give him an extreeme headache and nose bleed. he may also pass out.)
    Shirt: His shirt is a slacking shiny blue carnival tunic with white star outlines all over it. some days he may just not wear it.
    personality: On the Outside Nyle is Cheerful, Sarcastic, Lovable, and Joking. He plays tricks and tells stories, and He grew up in a circus. on the inside though is a deep pain from the old circus master. The man had whipped him once as a kid with a glass whip. it put the scar he has on his back. he holds a grudging sense of justice in his head.
    Quirks: Acrobatics, Strong, extreme hand eye coordination, perceptive.
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  3. Name: Felicity Pantera
    Appearance: Felicity Pantera is tall (about 5ft 9in), thin, and very pretty. Her favorite colors are white and lime green. Her hair naturally grows in a purple to light blue ombre because of the experiments. As it grows, the color pattern switches and becomes light blue on top and purple on bottom for an average of 10 inches, then grows purple on top again. Her hair is always very long and goes to about her tail bone. When she uses her powers, she always turns into albino animals unless the need for a dark color arises, but the fur is always slightly ombre colored, making her animal forms very unique. Her most favorite animals to transform into are Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Arctic and Red Foxes, Wolves, and Draft horses. She has ice blue eyes that turn a teal when she is angry. When she is very angry, they turn a light blueish shade of purple. If they turn blueish purple, you better watch out! Before being brought to Solitaire, her style of clothes closely resembled that of a skater, or rather a somewhat girly skater: a white, one-shoulder t-shirt with a big metallic silver heart on the front, lightly colored skinny jeans, and white DC's with lime green designs. She would occasionally wear skirts, but they were never shorter than halfway up her thighs. Her most favorite color is white. Her only pet is her prized albino squirrel that was left at home.
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    [​IMG] hair.png

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    This is what she looked like before being brought to Solitaire.

    Super Power: Can semi-transform into animals and speak to animals. She loves animals, but like everyone else, she does have her favorites: Bengal Tigers, all breeds of horses, and all types Wolves. Felicity cannot yet fully transform into animals.
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    [​IMG] This shows what her transformations are like

    Shirt: White one shoulder t-shirt with a big lime green metallic heart in the middle and smaller metallic silver hearts around it.
    Personality: She can be shy at times, but usually is outgoing making it easy for her to find new friends. Felicity is a very kind, helpful person. Helping others makes her happy. Making Felicity angry is a bad idea and is not easy, but if you do happen to make her angry she can be very violent. When she is angry, she can destroy practically anything in her way, which is helpful sometimes, but causes a lot of problems. She hates hurting others though.
    Quirks: Athletic, musically inclined, acrobatic, Animal whisperer(obviously since she can talk to animals since she came to Solitaire)
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  4. Name: Darwin Quint
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 4'9'' Darwin is very short and scrawny for his age. He has almost no muscle at all. Light Brown Skin, Short Curly Black Hair, One eye is gray, the other has no pupil or iris. A scar goes from the middle of the top of his forehead, across his right eye (the one with no pupil), and ends at his collarbone.
    Super Power: Replication. (He can create clones of himself.) He is also skilled at parkour. His weaknesses are being pretty weak in terms of force and being only able to create 9 copies of himself. If he has them out for more than 5 minutes, he will take all of the damage that any of them have taken already. If any of them dies, he will black out for 10. (He doesn't know this yet.)
    Shirt: His shirt is orange with a black Half Life 3 logo.
    Personality: Darwin is a very cheerful, hyperactive prankster. He loves to mess with people, and if he pranks you, it's his way of making friends, so take it as a good thing. He doesn't remember his past at all, and therefore tries to optimistic about the future. No one knows how he got his deadeye scar.
    Quirks: Acrobatics, Tech Savvy, Parkour.
  5. Welcome to Solitaire "NeonBlack" and "Vernyx" You have been added to the List of RP members.
  6. If it's possible I'd like to do a brother sister combo, one where they where abducted together. I'll post both rap sheets on here but if you don't want to do that then I can be either one.

    Name; Samuel Cheveyo, friends call him Sam, sister calls him Sammy
    Age; 18
    Gender; male
    Appearance; (first picture)
    Superpower; Sam is able to grow plants wherever he likes, he's become in tune with the earth itself. However the earth rejects his hold over it and using his power to much can make him violently sick.
    Shirt; a dark green, loose fitting tank, as seen in picture, with symbol in second picture. (See second picture)
    Personality; calm, caring, protective, quiet
    Quirks; martial artist, herbalists, medic, survival expert

    Name; Danielle Cheveyo, friends call her Dani, brother calls her little one
    Age; 6
    Gender; female
    Appearance; (see third picture)
    Superpower; Dani can absorb information from any electronically device. However her brain can not handle the on slot of data and she can go into a catatonic state for hours, when she wake's she will remember none of the information she gathered.
    Shirt; white Gi top with symbol in final picture. (See final picture)
    Personality; sweet, shy, brave, optimistic
    Quirks; haker, computer expert, sniper, analizer

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  7. If your up for it you can RP multiple characters, but I think I'll put a limit at 2 besides NPC characters, welcome to the solitaire RP "Sora Blade"
  8. Note, The IC Is up, you can go ahead and begin, or wait until you feel ready to join.
  9. hi! I really hope it's okay to post here.. if it's not please let me now and I'll delete this.. may I join? this looks very interesting :]
  10. Is this still open? I would like to create a character. :)
  11. Yes Solitaire Is still open to Join. Feel free to make your characters.
  12. K! Waiting on a charrie avatar, and then will be starting on my CS :)
  13. Name: Guy O'Rourke
    Age: 16
    Appearance: He is 5’11 and weighs 170lb with medium muscle mass. He has medium length dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Lightly tanned skin tone and the only imperfection is a small cut on his lip.
    Super Power: Advance Body Capabilities. By burning an abnormal amount of energy is able to improve his strength, speed, eyesight, and brain function to name a few. Is unable to do any of these at the same time at the moment and is only able to do any for a small amount of time.
    Shirt: A stark black tee-shirt with a small white skull with a pair of wings on the side at the top on the back.
    Personality: Guy was spoiled as a child and so he has held onto that his whole life, if there is something he wants he will do all in his power to acquire it. In general he is lazy and can be uncaring about others he finds uniteresting. He likes to mess around and is more optimistic towards things.
    Quirks: Can adapt to different situation, sings and is able to play guitar, likes strategy games.
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  14. Welcome To Solitaire "TheGDeer", feel free to begin in the IC whenever you like.
  15. It's going to be a bit before I can join, some stuff just came up, but I am interested!
  16. That's fine, Try not to take too long though.
  17. I'll try, I'm going to be basing my char somewhat off a book, but there will really be only one thing alike. ^^
  18. Note to everyone Signups are closed and The only person who may join after this point is Bitterblue. The story will progress from this point on.

    Note cursing is allowed, I just ask you keep it light.
    Also, Do not control other characters outside of your own characters actions towards them.
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