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    *Andrew Woke up in his room a little dazed, He couldn't remember too much, but he knew his name at least. a Green light is flashing above the door. It's annoying none the less but He follows it out into the hallway where arrow shaped lights on the ceiling point to his right heading down the hall. Reluctantly, He follows it to a Forum and Takes a seat in the back row nearest to the door, A man With a Tacky Business Haircut and navy blue suit stands at the front of the forum in the center, Eyes wide open and Smiling So big his jaw should have exploded.*
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  2. Sabriel awoke and frowned looking around her. "That was one hell of a party." Sabriel looked around rubbing her eyes. "Where am I." She saw the green light. She stared at it for a second before exiting the door. She looked at the arrows on the walls. "What the fuck?" She walked down the hall. "This is some horror movie shit." She then found herself in a forum. There was a guy in the back and some lawyer kind of dude who looked rather creepy. I walked over and sat next to the guy.

    "Hey. I'm Sabriel." She looked around sheepishly. "Where the fuck are we?"
  3. *Andrew Glanced over for at Sabriel.* Andrew:"I'm Andrew, And if I knew I'd tell you!" *The Man up front gave a rather Gleeful Look At The two of them sitting in the back of the room. How he could give a gleeful glance the way his smile already broke human anatomy was beyond Andrew's thoughts.*
  4. Alice awoke wide eyed and bushy tailed. She had turned 18 that day, and so she was super excited. Looking around her room, a.Alice hopped out of bed,. hoping she had received a present. Once she had found none in sight, she finally noticed the green light. "Ahh, that must mean I should be going somewhere." Alice then walked outside, skipping through the wallways, following tthe green arrows. Once she found her destination,. she stopped in front of the doors, hoping there may be a suprise party for her.

    "OK," she said to herself in her normal perky voice, "Just act suprised when they all pop out." Taking a deep breath, Alice walked in crying out "Oh you shouldn't have guys." Opening her eyes, taking in the scenery, Alice frowned. "Hmphhh," she grunted, dissapointment clear across her face. Instead of storming off, Alice chose a seat, more towards the middle, mumbling to herself about having a horrible birthday.
  5. *Andrew looked down at Alice as she sat down* Andrew:"Whats the occasion?" *He called down to her.*
  6. With a loud snort, Johnathan wakes himself up. " Where the heck am I?" John said while looking around. After awhile of scaning the room quicky, he spots a green light blinking over the only door in the room. With a uncomfortable grunt, John jumps up and leaves the bright room behind where he woken. After awhile of following a long hallway, John finds a door leading to god knows where.

    When john enters the classroom like room, he spots some older kids siting near the door and anorther siting in the middle.

    "well hello, Im johnathan, but you can call me John. whats going on?" John says with a confused look on his face.
  7. *Andrew Looks over to the door.* Andrew:"Utter Confusion and Mass hysteria. I'm Andrew." *He said with a high dose of Sarcasm. Though The confusion wasn't sarcastic.*
  8. Eyes opening, Remiel awoke to find himself imprisoned under a mound of sheets and pillows.
    Literallly falling out of the pile, he rolled himself over, into a standing position. Looking up at the glowing green light just above his door, he clumsily he made his way through a hallway into what appeared to be a forum.
    Looking around nervously he noticed the other people inside the forum with him. "So uh . . . you guys come here often?", he dumbly joked.
  9. As Devin woke up from a dreamless sleep, he found it hard to focus on the area around him. His eyes had not been able to focus on the lit up black and dark blue room. This coupled with the fact that he did not know where his glasses were made things rather difficult. It wasn't as if he was completely blinded without his glasses, it just made it harder. Once his eyes were adjusted to the lighting of his surroundings, Devin went into the bathroom. There had been no night stand beside his bed to hold his glasses as there normally would be, so it was the next guess to find them in the bathroom. Surely enough, he found them there. Once his vision was restored he looked around to see his surroundings being something he had not seen before. Regardless of the circumstances, he found the scenery rather pleasing, the color scheme was black with a gentle navy blue.

    Seeing a mini fridge, he had decided to open it, resulting in a discovery of a Cherry Coke, his favorite. It was too early for him to be interested in drinking it though. Instead he made his way back into the bed where he found a note requesting him to go to the forum. Whoever this was that wanted him to go there would have to wait for Devin to shower until he headed off.

    Once out of the shower, Devin put on the only pair of pants that seemed to be present. Looking through the dresser he found a matching shirt, just as gray as the pants. It seemed rather plain to wear the two together, but it would have to do for now. Once he found out where he was he could leave.

    It was only now that he was headed out that he noticed the door had 2 different lights, one for locked and the other for unlocked. This was rather odd to him as he saw no reason for such antics. He had decided it would be best to proceed with caution as he entered the forum, however it didn't take long for the caution to turn into confusion as there were others in this room as well, none of which seemed to be Devins age. Being the problem solver he was he stood still, hair still wet from the shower, and looked around at the others. So far there were only 6 including himself. As his eyes slowly drifted across the room he noticed one of the females in a pink shirt sitting near the middle. She seemed to be looking displeased, however she seemed to also be the oldest save for himself.

    He decided to sit next to her on her right said, and wasting no time he introduced himself, "Heya, my name is Devin. You and I seem to be the oldest, do you know what's going on right now?" As he spoke, his thick German accent bled through his words.
  10. "Well this is just great." I leaned forward in my seat and asked the business suit man. "Hey. Where are we? And uh, who are you?" I didn't like it here, something in the air felt weird. It was an unexplainable feeling, the others must have felt it too because they all look a little uncomfortable. Not to mention the guy was creepy.
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    *The man in the suit leaned forward ever so slightly.* Chris:"Hello, my name is Chris. If you would please be patient we will begin shortly." *he said in a monotone, slightly metallic, voice.*
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  12. Miranda woke up quietly from her sleep. The emptiness of the room giving her chills. She slipped out of her bed, afterwards arranging it completely back to the way it was before she had slept the previous night. Her bare feet felt cold on the dark-wood floors but she didn't care to much. She didn't care much at all, for anything. At least from somebody elses point of view. Throughout the night, Miranda's throat had became dehydrated and patchy so she silently opened her fridge, twisting the cap of the mineral water with a pop and drank it till about halfway before she redirected her attention to the flashing green light that messed with her eyes for a moment.

    She changed into the clothes given, walking down the oddly lit corridor, paying no heed whatsoever to the flashing green panels surrounding her. Afterwards she arrived in the forums, the sheer amount of people possibly intimidating her, but then again probably not. She walked slowly and quietly taking one of the vacant seats near two older students where she sat there looking straight forward into nothingness, not even reacting whenever the students behind her started making snide jokes about her mutation.
  13. Austin-or, as he'd renamed himself, Aryn- sat up suddenly and looked around in confusion. His back felt odd, and sore, but he was too confused by his surroundings to notice, or care. He was already dressed in a grey shirt and pants, and he stared at the green light blinking at him, most likely wanting him to move through the door beside it. he sighed, and felt a twitch in his back. He reached back and slid his hand down his shirt.
    He felt feathers.
    Aryn ripped off his shirt and flexed every muscle in his back; he felt new, sore but strong muscles react and flex. He caught a flurry of gray feathers from the corners of his eyes, and searched the rooms until he found a mirror. He had to relax to fit in, but there was one thing on his mind- he had wings.
    What had happened to him?
    He put his shirt back on, folding in his wings (He still wasn't quite sure on how to move them, but it was all instinctive), and decided to follow the green light's direction, which led him down a corridor lined with similar lights, arriving in a large room with a cluster of younger people in the back and a man with a choking smile in the front. As he entered, the man spoke. "Hello, my name is Chris. If you would please be patient, we will begin shortly." Chris had a monotone voice, like a history teacher's, but Aryn heard something more metallic underlying it. He took a seat next to a quiet, pale girl, and didn't speak at all- A barrage of thoughts pummeled him, and he struggled to make sense of it, putting his head in his hands.
  14. *Andrew shifted in his seat and leaned on his left side. The man in the front hit a new form of chime in his expression, which creeped him out even more. He just couldn't read him. The man, Chris as he said his name was, Walked to the center of the forum and turned towards everyone.*

    Chris:"Hello Everyone. I am sure you have questions and all of those will be answered in due time. For now I will give you an introduction of where you are and why."

    *Chris spoke with such delight it was a crime for happy people.*

    Chris:"This Is the Solitaire Research institute. You will be here of mandatory attendance for research and development. The systems have double checked that Each one of you have volunteered for the program that is being held."

    *A cringe Hit Andrew's mind when Chris said "Volunteered" he wasn't sure about anyone else but he was sure he didn't sign up for jumpsuits and Paint shirts academy.*

    Chris:"Some of you may have already noticed some significant differences in your everyday lives. Some of you may still have yet to notice a difference. Your main occupation here is to develop unique ways to apply yourself through our distinctive learning room, where you will be required to spend a majority of your time here. For the Time being i ask that you follow the blue arrows in the hallway to the courtyard where a specified learning regimen will begin."

    *Andrew sat forward trying to glance through Chris' expression for a falter in his smile. it simply wasn't possible. so he took his glance away and stood up hearing a loud crack from his knees.*

  15. Pure shock hit Devin Fairfax like a brick in the chest. Research? What kind of research? Devin was well known in his local German area for being one of the smartest around, so this lead Devin to believe maybe they were forcing them to work? However, that changed as he looked around. The girl to his right seemed completely unaffected by the news, but what really shook him was when he saw the boy with wings. It was apparent that they were nothing more than the guinea pigs! But then why was the girl so apathetic about the situation? Maybe she was a veteran, as you could call it.

    Having been asked by the man at the front to proceed to follow the blue arrows to a new room disturbed Devin. A learning room? Maybe they were already guinea pigs, and now the mutated rats that were to be hid from the world... For now Devin would not resist, but like hell he would stay here. He'd find a way out, but all with good time. As he was getting up, he was trying to pay real hard attention to the area around him, however he also noticed something else with his own body. It was strange, he could feel the air. Not like normal when the air brushed across your skin and lifted your hair, but more like the air was hitting him, resisting him being there. Even on his chest and legs it felt like the air was fighting his presence. What was this? A result of the so called "research development"?

    It was with this that Devin realized something. How long had he been here? Originally he assumed he had been abducted overnight, however this seemed to have more to it. Devin must have been here for a long time to have these changes already made to him, estimating at least 2 weeks. Did his family know he was here? Did they think he was dead? Were people at home looking for him? What about his college grades? He had worked so hard to get into the best college in the country, and now this? Had everything he done gone to be nothing but an experiment? Due to his mind racing back and forth constantly with these thoughts, a tear began to roll down Devins cheek. He had tried to hide it, however, he never was very good at hiding emotions.

    Instead of trying any harder to hide it, he chose to walk now. The air brushing his skin felt so different from before. He knew things had already been done to him, but now the only thing to do would be to do as the people say until he could find a way out. It might even be beneficial if he were to find a way out later because this way he could find out what changes may have been done to him so he could use them to his advantage.
  16. ((Sorry for my absence. I have been real busy lately. I promise I am still interested. I hope everyone else is too))

    Alice, having been upset, drifted off into her own little world, ignoring everyone around her. Even the man in the suit sitting next to him and the strange man in front. "Hey mister!" she exlaimed, raising her hand like an innocent school girl. "Will we be having lots of fun today?" she asked, hoping to do something fun today for her birthday.
  17. *Chris still standing up front looked at her.* Chris:"There are plenty of activities scheduled for today. Whether any of them will be fun is not for me to say."

    *Andrew turned and shimmied past Sabriel getting out into the forum isle. One more quick stretch and a pop of the neck and he started walking down the hall seeing so many different doors. He felt like he was watching the movie Alice in wonderland. or possibly playing Kingdom hearts. He tried to keep his thoughts straight though as he passed his door in the hallway. about 100 yards more down the hall and who knows how many doors were there, and he reached a big metal door which looked like the kind restaurants put on they're freezers. only this one had no handles, just a terminal on the right with a keypad.

    Great he thought. he got all the way down the hallway like he was told and he couldn't go any further.*
    Andrew:"Wasn't there supposed to be a room here for us to go into?"