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  1. Hi! I know I'm relatively new here, but I'm ready to try my hand at this! I'm mostly looking for practice + I don't have a paypal nor know how to use it so it's free for now. Feel free to ask me to draw anything, unless it's nsfw or nudity. Thank you!

    I really don't know how to add in another section but here are some examples. I was creating telegram stickers for an oc of mine so:
    Yup! You can request transparent backgrounds and colouring, but it's a matter of whether or not I have time... Regardless, I look forward to requests!
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  2. much yes. I gotta dig through my deviant art shit to find a subject for you to draw. XD
  3. Ah, please do! I'd be more than happy to draw them!
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  4. Oh gosh, your style is so rough and free and cute! Let me just uh... try and pick just one of my characters to ask for. XD
  5. I also think your style is precious! Any specific info you need or should I just throw out as much as possible?
  6. Aaah, I can't believe people like my art (*/ω\*) Thanks! You're all very kind.

    @Moogle-Girl You could throw out as much as possible, though I can work with little information! It just might take a bit longer for me to sort things out because I'll be experimenting and asking you more questions. I guess the basics will be the shape of the face, color of the skin, shape and color of the eyes, their common expressions etc., and whatever you might want to add!
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  7. I guess I'll start with someone with a simple design?


    I bought the one in the middle a while ago. Sorry I don't have them by themself.
  8. Could I please get something of my crossdresser? <3 His name is Judas.
  9. How's this?

    Name: Paul Derickson
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Skin tone: Caucasian

    General description: Paul keeps himself looking good at all times, with clear skin, lint-free clothes, and a movie star smile. The only thing he can't seem to manage is his short brown hair, which tends to do whatever it wants; he keeps it covered with a poofy orange hat emblazoned with a bold black "Q" which he is never seen without. (Hat shape would be something like these, but not knit) He is fairly short for his age and somewhat pudgy-looking, with a small, rounded nose and large blue eyes -- not that you'd ever know, since he always keep them covered as well, this time with a rounded pair of sunglasses with dark, shiny lenses.

    Personality: Paul has a pretty big head. He likes to think he's famous for his pizza-making talents -- the restaurant where he works, the Pizza Palace, is certainly well-known but only a few people know Paul by name -- and he gets offended when someone doesn't recognize him. Lording over others is where he feels most comfortable. When other people don't give him what he wants, he's not above striking up an argument. When faced with tough challenges, however, he buckles into cowardice, often choosing to back down and let other people handle it for him. While still trying to appear as cool as possible, of course.

    I'd be happy to answer questions. :o
  10. Alright! I'm doing the requests in chronological order so:
    @Vio : I did the rough sketches of your characters! Don't worry about the correction tape first, or if the sketches are too messy. I usually trace them into my iPad to line and color them. Just check if their poses and everything are okay! I did my best to follow the reference picture, but tell me if I did anything wrong.
    There they are, I hope I didn't butcher them too badly.

    @The Mood is Write :Judas is adorable but my anatomy skills are terrible and I can't get the right anatomy from just a sprite. I hope you like him regardless!

    @Moogle-Girl: I did a rough draft for Paul, do check to see if it's ok!
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  11. Thanks! He looks so cute!
  12. oh dear! I'm sorry but the only one I wanted you to do is the middle one. The middle one is the adopt that I bought couple months ago. I don't own the designs of the other two, so I can't very well take the work you drew of them. I'm sorry I thought I was clear on that. ;-;

    You don't have to do the same pose either, you can be as creative with my character as you'd like. I'm sorry I guess I should have told you that it was okay for you to go crazy. She looks great though.
  13. It's cute! I think it would be better to just not draw his eyes, since his sunglasses usually keep you from seeing them anyway. If you could make the hat poof out a little more too that would be great.
  14. These are fucking adorable- and I've been needing a new avatar / sig combination AND updated image for dipshit and me so...


    Two characters

    Character 1- Elendra. Playful joyous goofball passionate having too much fun with this stop having so much fun noooooooo. Hair's shorter now than in the CURRENT AVATAR AND SIGNATURE COMBINATION- as can be seen in recent pictures posted elsewhere here. If I had a spirit animal, it'd be a puppy. Wardrobe style has also changed. Overshirts over camis and tanks are the new thing. ALSO SKINNY JEANS. ALSO CAPS ( as in the thing on the keyboard and the hat type ). ALSO ALSO i know i'm still a bit masculine looking but fuck that make me look more femme and also hips plz it's art of me i can choose how i look shut up everyone

    CHARACTER 2- Dipshit. More serious. More cold, distant, doesn't want to deal with shit, finds me incredibly annoying but stays with me anyway. Her wardrobe's still p much the same- whites and blacks like a fucking dweeb, like white tank over black whatevers. If she had a spirit animal, it'd be a cat. Fed up with this bullshit. Really the image of her in the avatar / signature combo is still good as a basis.

    POSE???? If posing options are available, then the pose I'd opt for is something like me sitting on the ground with dipshit in my lap looking all disgruntled and begrudgingly accepting of what's going on while I'm like all <3 <3 nuzzling into her from behind while wrapping my arms around her. I think that suitably sums up our relationship lmao.

    OPTIONAL ADDITION???????? if you're feelin real kry8iv then why not go nekomimi on her and... puppermimi on me lmao ???? what's the word even for what i'm trying to say one moment. Nah nevermind giving up. Basically cat ears and tail for her, fluffier doggo pupper ears and tail for me. If you do this, my tail is going to be hella wagging. BUT that's just optional feel free to not do this bit

    EDIT: Because I changed my set since then, avatar / signature image basis for reference
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  15. I'm not here to request anything, I'm just here to say I really adore your art ^^ That is all
  16. Commissions are out on hiatus for now because exams are here and Soli is staring into the void contemplating life. Please be patient with me, once my exams are over I should be able to deliver the coloured, linearted versions of the drawings. I'm just a little tired from my workload so I apologise if this is an inconvenience to you.

    @Jessica2477 Thank you! ; v ;
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  17. If you're still open, I'd love it if you could draw my character, Astra Crowden. I don't care if it's a headshot, half body, full, whatever. I'll love any art to pieces. :)

    If you woudl like a written description, see this.

    Here's a rough pic of my character:(she's the one on the right)
  18. Gosh heckie. I seem to have forgotten about this thread, but I'm nevertheless happy to see new requests! It will take me a while to sort them out though h-haha... I hope I'm not disappointing everyone by not being present. I'm still had at work for certain school projects, but I promise I'll get them in.

    @Wistful Beast Will do!
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  19. Hi there, are you still taking requests?
  20. I get a no vibe for my question already, but still up for drawing? I got only one character I want drawn, if this thread is alive.
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