Soldiers of steel (Sci fi, mechs, etc.)

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  1. Hello to the people who are reading this. This is going to (hopefully) be my first rp that I have created. The basic plot is that it is the year 2655. Earth has become unsuitable to sustain life after decades of pollution and war. So humanity took to the stars and colonized other planets and galaxies. With the assistance of light speed technology and terraforming machines many planets have been colonized and declared their own government. But as time went on the Galactic Government (GG), declared that all planets must submit and let the GG govern them. While many of the older and well established colonies quickly agreed, many of the new and distant planetary governments objected. Tensions have been rising and while it is not total war the resistance movement is quite strong. They fight for their own planetary rights and demand to be treated as equally as many of the inner planets.

    Now onto the juicy stuff. I am looking for a group of 3-5 people (not including myself). This is simply to prevent over crowding of the RP and make the story more coherent. From past experiences I would like for each person to post at least once every 2-3 days. If you cannot I maintain the right as GM to assume control of said character as an npc to advance the story.
    I know it sounds like I am being controlling but I hated it when an RP that I was in slowly died simply because a main character vanished and everyone lost interest.

    If this appeals to you let me know and feel free to ask any questions. I have been thinking this up for a long time and if you work with me I am sure this will be a legendary tale.

    Thanks Much,
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  2. Is everyone getting a giant robot? And can we make our own?
  3. yup ^^
    Yes, I wanted everyone to create their own unique mech and character.
    edit of edit:
    I did not go into specifics of OC creation because I was unsure of if anyone would want to do this or not.
  4. Interested as well. What type of mechs? Battletech-like? Or more along the lines of anime-like?
  5. Preferably less anime-like. Not that I have anything against them. I was just going for a more realistic approach. But you can be creative as to what your mech is. As long as it isnt overpowered it should be fine. I will put up the OOC thread around 5pm EST.
  6. Oh and they dont have to be giant mechs like in pacific rim. preferably the largest would maybe be the size of a small apartment building
  7. Cool, I will check out the OOC post once you have it up. I am fine with less anime-like mechs.
  8. Would a good size be alittle large than those in Titan Fall?
  9. Yup, titan fall size would probably be the medium size for mechs
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