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  1. It is the year 2655. Earth has become unsuitable to sustain life after decades of pollution and war. So humanity took to the stars and colonized other planets and galaxies. With the assistance of light speed technology and terraforming machines many planets have been colonized and declared their own government. But as time went on the Galactic Government (GG), declared that all planets must submit and let the GG govern them. While many of the older and well established colonies quickly agreed, many of the new and distant planetary governments objected. Tensions have been rising and while it is not total war the resistance movement is quite strong. They fight for their own planetary rights and demand to be treated as equally as many of the inner planets. The rebels are not the usual rag-tag bunch of fanatics. They are highly organized and have the support of entire planets behind them. While they have been held in check so far they are quickly becoming a growing threat.

    It has been one year since the Zenith Valley Massacre on Mars. You have been recruited by the Galactic Government to the shadowy Section 11. Assumed to be a myth told by soldiers, Section 11 is actually quite real. It fights the various shadow wars across the systems that never reach the public eye. You are a pilot of your own personal mech. By now mechanized walkers have become the new weapon of warfare. They range in sizes, from the armored exo suit, to the colossus class monstrosities that are taller than buildings.

    mech battle.jpg

    Each mech has its own disadvantages and perks. Please don't make yours overpowered because I will ask you to change it. As for the types of mechs, less anime-like mechs are preferable. Not that I dislike them, its just that I am going for a more realistic feel.

    Romance is not discouraged but please keep any romance between pilots PG-13. This RP is not just guns and explosions. Large portions of it will focus on what happens off the battlefield. Intrigue and mysteries will be abundant, and the real enemy may not be the one you expect.

    Please read the following. A post should be at least 3 lines long. Please use proper grammar as well. Feel free to ask any questions.

    Character Sheet




    Call sign:

    Appearance: (picture or words are fine)

    Mech: (Preferably picture and a description)

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  2. Name: Lars Grey

    Age: 33

    Gender: male

    Call sign: hellhound

    lars grey.jpg


    Bio/background: Lars is a career soldier. Growing up in the slums of New Earth, Lars learned that only the strongest survive. He jumped at the chance to join the armed forces and quickly made his way to the galactic marines. For many years Lars was known as a war hero. For he willingly volunteered for dangerous missions and always came back alive. The media glorified his military service into a recruiting campaign for the Galactic Government's armed forces. But Lars was not what he seemed to be. On the outside he wore a mask of the courageous and selfless war hero. Willing to put his life on the line if it meant others could be saved. But in reality Lars was a merciless killer who reveled in slaughtering. As the years passed Lars slowly became more and more twisted. Becoming homicidal if he was not able to kill something for a long period of time. That is why he volunteered for suicide missions. Because he was a cold-blooded murderer who killed soldiers and civilians alike. As he got older Lars was promoted to sergeant and given his own combat mech. Delighted in with his new tool for murder Lars became known for completely wiping out anyone in his way and leaving no survivors. After a particularly long battle with a rebel force, Lars unwittingly saved the child of a prominent politician. In gratitude the politician pulled some strings and got Lars sent to Mars to retire. On his last day Lars was informed that he would be doing a photo shoot for the media in his combat mech. After a month of peace Lars finally snapped. With full media coverage Lars was asked to perform a live-fire exercise in the area known as Zenith Valley. With millions watching the live coverage of the event, Lars turned his guns on the bewildered crowd. Cackling with joy Lars mowed down hundreds of innocents. It took security forces several hours to finally bring him down. To the rest of society, Lars died amidst the burning wreckage of his mech that fateful day. But in secret the Galactic Government saw a use for Lars' blood lust. Fitting him with an explosive collar reserved for dangerous convicts, Lars was given over to Section 11.

    (His role will become apparent when the RP starts)
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  3. This interests me, but could you explain what the 'call sign' part of the CS is?
  4. its what soldiers are called over the radio. For example if there were two sgt. brians it would get confusing. Also it makes it easy to distinguish who is who. So for example a sniper might be vulture, while a tank driver may be anvil. etc.
  5. Alright, thanks. CS will be up shortly.
  6. I'm interested in this as well!! But I don't know much about mechs, and things along those lines. So If I'm a bit rough I apologize in advanced. My skeleton should be up shortly!
  7. May give this one a shot. I'll get a CS in eventually, before it kicks off.
  8. thanks guys!

    @Tiltshift dont worry about it. I am not a perfectionist and I am happy to help you out in any way you want so feel free to ask questions ^.^
  9. Oh and the picture in my CS was just a lucky find. I didnt do all that extra stuff so dont feel like your mech pic has to be the same. Also i think i put up a link to a small collection of mechs i found if you have trouble finding one
  10. Character Sheet (I hope this is okay!! And.. yeah I might need help later on ;u ; )

    Name: Jodie "Joe" River

    Age: 29

    Gender: Female

    Call sign: Plan C


    Mech: Suited for quick and fast needed situations, with two powerful automatic guns and boosters for long jumps. Holding within medical supplies line the inside compartments were Jodie would be located.

    Jodie was born and raised in the poor area of Sector eight, a secret compound where old military professionals would raise kids to be secret weapons. This program first started when GG threatened to over throw the government. Something that Sector eight did not want at all. They called us kids "saints", seeing as we could learn and adapted to situations quicker than any adult could. When Jodie was only seven she new how to kill at least 10 people in under an hour, fire multiple fully loaded guns, throw knives and deceive. Some people would say she was brainwashed, but almost 30 now she believes otherwise. Her mother and father were both in the program as well and were in fact the people who had taught her this "wonderful" way of life. Her mother was one of the missionaries who requested the idea in the first place, seeing she had seven other kids of her own who had already acquired this skill. Sector Eight commanders had no other choice but agree to Jodie's mother's proposition.
    Since then Jodie has always had an intrigue for medicine as well as combat. Being the best out of 6 older brothers, her mother saw her potential and requested to move to New Earth. A planet farther away from Sector Eight, but close enough to stay in contact. Since New Earth had one of the best training camps and volunteer centers for those who wish to be in the military forces. By this time Jodie was turning just about eighteen, now joining GG. Reluctantly I might add, since those people were the ones threatening her home planet in the first place. She was apart of a lower group, which took part in medical needs of soldiers out on the line. She would clean and repair wounds. And take seriously hurt civilians and soldiers to rescue ships where they were deported and taken to a recovery center (hospital). Jodie was a medic for 7 years until she was promoted to front line. Now one of the main Field Officers to be on duty during a call. Known for being obedient yet, stubbornly lethal, GG has recruited Jodie to Sector eleven for her medical needs and purposes but as well as her many years experience in melee. Though she doesn't come gleefully, knowing the many stories about Sector Eleven. Seeing she doesn't live that far away form it, even it was considered a myth then.
    (Jodie sucks with technology, seriously when it comes to parts and wires she has no clue as what do to)
  11. @Tiltshift awesome! I like how you made her unique with the whole wiring weakness. Also I cant help but notice the mech ;)
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  12. @dunruffle Oh well thank you! c: That mech was my favorite out of all I saw on Deviantart~ ;3
  13. Name: James "Tom" McCallahan
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Call sign: Orion
    Stranded Soldier.jpg
    DarkAngel hover mechsuit.jpg Hellsing XVII Personal Combat Hovermech, codenamed "Dark Angel". Equipped with interactive Heads Up Display (HUD), quick burst jets for upward propulsion and short periods of low flight, light titanium alloy armoring to withstand heavy abuse from whatever you throw at it. It does however, run out of jump fuel after about three days (total time) of jumping, or 36 hours of continuous hovering. If you are out in the field and run out of jump fuel, either return to base to replace the fuel cell or you're hiking it. No built in weaponry.

    James never really liked the army, nor its purposes. Drafted to fight the rebellion at the age of 16, he no longer had a choice in whether he liked it or not. Of all the specific classes he could be trained for, James begrudgingly chose to become a scout, the quiet guys who sneak up and observe the enemy, reporting back to the strategists so they can form a plan of attack/defense. For the next 5 years he trained hard, quickly gaining respect from his peers and his superiors alike. He became proficient in medium and small arms, as well as melee weapons. James found that of the melee weapons he used, he liked tactical tomahawks the best, both as a weapon and a survival tool, and earned the nickname "Tommy Hawk", which was later shortened to just Tom. However, James was always a rebellious soldier. Whenever a superior made a mistake, he was surely the first to point it out. Wherever a stupid order was made, he was quick to disobey. Whenever he was punished, he took the abuse with a smirk of defiance. Regardless, he built up enough of a positive reputation as a warrior and scout to be selected to become part of the mythic Section 11.

    I hope the mech isn't too 'anime style'. I tried to find a good one that would fit his class.
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  14. accepted! The mech is good. I assume its more the size of say Iron Man size than several stories tall right?
  15. Yeah, it's an Iron Man-sized mech. Good for physical augmentation and protection, but not the assault of large bases/mechs. It was designed to protect him while he snuck behind enemy lines to observe and report, and fight if necessary.
  16. gotcha, just making sure. Hopefully we can get on more person then I will post the start.
  17. @Thomas McTavish That's super awesome ^^ the mech I mean.. your cool too of course.. but dat mech doe ;3
  18. @Tiltshift Thanks! I found the picture, and made up pros and cons for it. Your character's pretty cool too, really. Supersoldier trained since childhood? Now THAT is going to be fun! =^U^=
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