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  1. Hello Artsy people, Soldato here to show you I have some artistic skill outside of writing. I often when I get a good design in my head go and use various programs to make 3d spaceship models so I'll just go ahead and drop two in here before I go scavenge for more.

    Drake Mk6

    Show Spoiler


    Arachnion's Ship

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    Front Iso
    Rear Iso

    Enjoi. If you have a request I'll try to do it to the best of my ability and time. Usually takes me about 2weeks to a month depending on motivation factors.
  2. so this is the famed soldato shipyards, I need a cruiser class vessel capable of warp travel and holding its own against battleships.

    Nice work Sol, you ever make a HW mod?
  3. I plan to once I understand how and just throw the Drake into there as a basic fighter for the lols. As for your request I'll need a bit more than that if you actually want me to do something. Shoot me a pm or tell me full specs in here and I'll see what I can get done.
  4. well I just need it for an RP, something sleek, black and, built for speed and it has some guns but its main armament are two triple mounted anti-surface weapons for supporting ground assaults, and it has at least one hanger bay and it named the "Scorched Earth".
  5. Might take me a bit but I think I can do that. I'll try and work on that when I get the free time.
  6. Thanks a lot Soldato, we should play HW sometime, I know some good mods for 2
  7. Looking good.

    I wonder if I can use AutoCAD to do the same thing.
  8. Awesome work! how long did each take?
  9. Kunari look at Victoria and then at John, "I can't stay..."

    Evelyn started crying but this time purely because she could sense how upset they all were.
  10. "You need to burp?"
  11. "They're holding papa responsible for everything my mom does. It's not the right time for her to go on a killing rampage to spite heaven." Anya shrug. "There's a spare room."
  12. What are some of your thoughts on the pagan take of glossolalia? :U

    One woman once told me that she associated the phenomenon with an inborn hexing ability and I got curious enough after reading this thread to ask about it.
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  13. "We tried during a war. Now we can try during a more peaceful time. "
  14. Well then... Looks like we have another new clan member! Hello @Ghoul the skeleton, welcome to the clan!
  15. Work In Progress

    Name: Emilia

    Apparent Age: 16



    Physical Description: Emilia is tall and slender, with red hair and green eyes. She prefers to wear jeans and a t-shirt, but her clothes are enchanted to transform into her "Battle Dress" (Long, bright red skirt, white top with a red flame motif, white boots and gloves, and a red cape) at a moment's notice.

    Personality: Appropriate enough for an Ignis girl, Emilia is a go-getter. Throw a challenge in her face, and she's guaranteed to respond. Naturally, she tends to bite off more than she can chew on a regular basis. Another fault of hers is the fact that she can be too loyal: if a friendship has turned sour, she'll often try to salvage it even when it's clear that she should cut bait.

    Amicus: Inferno

    Weapon: Redfang


    When she draws it, the weapon transmutes into flame from point to hilt.

    Soul Gem:


    It's set in a ring in the shape of a dragon, with the gem in it's mouth

    Bio: Emilia was born from a firefighter's wish for courage as she raced to her first call. She spent her
  16. Uh...... no. And minus points for calling me dad.
  17. "I think so. She's smaller than Melody."
  18. Exploration and Interaction in Magica☆Girls
    This is an open-world roleplay, so roleplayers can explore and go anywhere by their own. That's called "Free Roam". Roleplayers can also start their own plots by themselves and make some drama between them. And who knows, maybe that will affect the whole roleplay in a way. For example, an argument between two Magica Girls from different races can create a feud between those races, leading to a war between the two sides. Remember that every action leads to a consequence that can be good or bad. If you think about something that could affect the whole roleplay world or have any good ideas, just contact the GM.
    Example of a scenario that can lead to big changes in the Magica☆Girls World (open)
    Roleplayer1: Chiyo was wandering through the Market of the Four Races, gazing at the many shops around her. Her eyes sparkled with glee as she spotted some pretty dresses, cool weapons accessories, gorgeous hats and other things that different shops were displaying on their stands. Because she was so distracted looking around, she accidentally bumped into a girl that was in front of her. The impact made Chiyo fall backward and land hard on her butt. She flinched and lightly rubbed her butt. "S-Sorry, miss... I didn't saw you".

    Roleplayer2: Miya was checking out some items she had on her Inventory, thinking which of them she didn't need anymore so she could sell them. She was in the middle of a path where she probably could be blocking someone's way, but she expected everyone to see she was there. Suddenly, she felt a hard bump on her back. She widened her eyes and gasped as she felt how the law of gravity was working on her. She fell on the ground with a thud and because her Inventory was open, a Strength Booster bottle came out of it and fell to the ground, shattering into pieces. A green liquid was there, slowly fading as the ground absorbed it. Miya frowned her brow angrily, seeing how one of her useful items gone to waste. "You gonna pay for this, baka!" shouted Miya as she quickly stood up and turned around to face Chiyo. "You better have 120 Crystalias, because that was the price of the booster!"

    From that point, Chiyo has two options: say sorry and pay Miya the amount of Crystalias that the booster cost, not wanting to make a big issue that may lead to a fight or simply reject paying Miya, which will obviously lead to something bad. If the two roleplayers are different races, that could lead to a serious feud between the races if a fight arises between Miya and Chiyo. Cases like this one need to be planned beforehand between the roleplayers and the feud among the races are up to the GM, which can step into that plot and join them for a while.

    Exploration and Interaction during a Mission
    During a mission, the Interaction, and Exploration in the environment is different from the "Free Roam". Roleplayers need to pay extra attention to the situation the GM put them, in other words, read carefully the post, especially to those lines that have descriptive details. Missions have established routes and endings, but that can change depending on the roleplayer actions. Remember that actions lead to consequences, good or bad.
    Example of Interacting and Exploring during a Mission (open)
    It was an almost completely dark alley where Samantha was passing through. There wasn't any source of light fed by electricity neither any light posts. The beautiful light of the Moon was the only source of light that helped Samantha look at where she was walking. After a minute of cautious walking, her path suddenly split into two ways that look like a "Y": one to the left and the other to the right. Both of them looked the same and didn't give the feeling that something suspicious will happen. Whichever path she choose, Samantha will face something: one will lead her through the correct path to her goal, but the other could lead her to her own death, a dangerous situation or find a treasure.

    Take a look at the red part in the paragraph above. That's the most important thing of the whole post and the one which will make roleplayers think what to do, forcing them to make a decision in the end. There are two options available there, one which can lead to the desired goal, but the other can lead the roleplayers to a dangerous situation or find a treasure, like a chest filled with Crystalias or rare items.

    Roleplayer: Samantha stood between the two paths and looked at them carefully. Both of them looked the same to her, but she had the feeling that one of them will lead to something awful. She slowly raised her right hand a bit and her blue ring transformed into her Soul Gem. The Soul Gem fitted perfectly on the palm of her hand and she looked down at it, trying to see if it was sparkling like it sometimes did when a Berserker was close. "Hey, Dot, which path do you think I should pick, hmm?" she asked Dot, her Amicus. "I request your help, my fellow friend."

    Roleplayers can take their time to think what they should do next and even use items that could help them, like their Soul Gems to detect any possible Berserkers in the area (the GM will decide if the Soul Gem will detect something, though) or ask for an advice of their Amicus (the GM will then take the role of the roleplayer's "Amicus" to aid them on missions, giving out useful clues). The mission will move on depending on the final decision.

    Roleplayers can find hidden chests during missions or random events that may or not affect the whole world of the roleplay. When that happens, the GM will decide whether the roleplayer found something or not inside of the chest (can be a rare item, a trap, Crystalias or nothing). The biggest loot they could find is Grief Seeds.

    Exploration and Interaction while on Free Roam
    To put it in simple words, this is when you can create your own plots with your friends. You can do that by creating a thread outside of the Clan (you're free to do anything during your own plots, but be aware that if you ever fight a Berserker, you won't be able to earn items or Crystalias. You do that in official missions or events where the GM or a moderator is involved).

    Another thing to keep in mind is that you're allowed to make all the plots you want, but I recommend you to make one per character (if you have 3 characters, then you can create 3 free plots). Practically, is like doing a normal roleplay on the Iwaku forums, but using the world of Magica☆Girls. Also, you can be involved in missions, events, and other stuff while having an active free roam story. All the plots are different, so that won't affect them in any way.

    Like I said before if you feel that something that's happening inside that "free roam" story is a good idea to make some real changes in the whole Magica☆Girls world, don't be afraid to ask or leave a suggestion by contacting a GM via the "Suggestions and Ideas for Magica☆Girls".
  19. Shopping, Selling, Exchanges, and Body Manipulations

    Magica★Girls is an open-world roleplay, so you can obviously find some good shops in some places, especially on the Market of the Four Races. You can buy new clothes, more accessories, health jars and more items that will help you through your fight against the forces of evil, the Berserkers. Ah, but you can also sell some of the stuff you have and don't want or just don't need it anymore. In this roleplay, there are 2 buying systems you can use: for buying and selling items (clothes, accessories, jars, etc.) or for buying a customization for your body (add some ears, tail, abnormal eyes, etc.), for your weapon (change color, add accessories, etc.) or for your Amicus (change its appearance).

    Buying, Selling or Exchanging Items
    This system applies to most shops located in the Market on the Four Races and the two in Blaze's Plaza (see "About Athena Land" information to know more about the available shops). Just go to the “Shops Section” and make a post about what item(s) you want to buy, sell or exchange. The seller will happily attend you (reply back) once she processes the deal (check you have the right amount of Crystalias, conclude the exchange is fair or give you an offer if you want to sell something). Your post needs to have the following, obviously choosing one of the two options per line, mention what shop you’re talking about and tag a moderator or GM:
    System (open)
    •Name: Put your name here (from your character)
    •Item(s) I want to buy | •Item(s) I want to sell: Put here the name of the item(s) you want to buy or sell. Choose one of the options
    •Amount: Put here the amount of that item you want to buy or sell if applies
    •My Budget: Put here the real amount of Crystalias you have in your pocket. Use this line only if you want to buy something. You better don't lie about your amount because the "seller" will found out and won't be happy about it. For make everything easier and fast, you can simply put the link that leads to your Character Profile.
    •I would like to Exchange with this/these item(s): Put here the item(s) you want for make an Exchange. Put this line only if you want to make an Exchange.
    Buying Body, Amicus or Weapons Customization
    This system only applies at "Anna's Body Manipulations Corner” and "Natsumi's Weapons Workshop". It's a bit different from the Normal Buying and Selling system, but don't worry, it isn't that complicated. Just go to the “Shops Section” and make a post with the pictures of the parts of your body you want to "manipulate" (cat or dog ears, a tail, etc. Please, don't include pervert or sexual pictures. You will get into trouble). If it’s for your Amicus, you need to include a picture of the new appearance you want to give him or her. Your post needs to have the following, obviously choosing only one of the two options per line, mention what shop you’re talking about and tag a moderator or GM:
    System (open)
    •Name: Put your name here (from your character)
    •Appearance I want to have: Put here the pictures of the parts of your body you want to change. Be specific (ears, hair, hands, etc). This line only applies when you're in "Anna's Body Manipulation Lab.
    •Appearance I want to give my Amicus: Put here the picture of the appearance you want for your Amicus. You can also change its gender. This line only applies when you want to change the appearance of your Amicus in "Anna's Body Manipulations Corner", so if you don't want to do anything to your Amicus, skip this line.
    •Customize Weapon: Put here the picture of the new appearance you want for your weapon (remember than a sword cannot be changed to a gun if you know what I mean. If you want a different type of weapon, then you need to buy it). This line only applies when you're in "Natsumi's Weapons Workshop". Skip it if you don't want any weapons customization.
    •My Budget: Put here the real amount of Crystalias you have in your pocket. You better don't lie about your amount because the "seller" will found out and won't be happy about it. For make everything easier and fast, you can simply put the link that leads to your Character Profile.

    After this, you have to wait for the NPC to process what you just submitted. Once the NPC sees everything's alright and you have the right amount of Crystalias, you can proceed to update your Profile with the pictures of the new changes you made. Also, be sure to include the link to the shopping post, so the moderators and GM know you are allowed to have everything you have. Think about it as your shopping receipt.
  20. What if there was an SCP that didn't kill any person except for B-class personnel? Like D- and C-class can enter and be just fine, but put anyone actually worthwhile (by the Foundation's standards) in there and they're dead in minutes.