Sold Into His Arms

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  1. Adelaide had once upon a time been the princess to the kingdom of Eurancia, but that all changed. Her father, the King, had a bit of a gambling problem, and during one very drunken night, put his daughter up for collateral. Every drink that he drank, and every wrong card that he played only furthered her fate to which he had put her in. Adelaide had cried, and cried to her father, trying to get it through his alcohol clouded head about what he was doing to her. But he only furthered himself into a stupor. And with that final Jack of Spades, her fate was sealed.

    Onto the cart she went, piles of gown, and all. She had been sold into slavery, all because of her fathers ignorance and stupidity. Once he had sobered up the next morning, he realised his extreme fault, but it was too late. She was already being sent onto the ship to the neighbouring kingdom of Trysan, where she would be sold off to some man so he could have his way with her as much as he pleased. She was beautiful, with waist-length fiery red hair, deep green eyes, and the creamiest skin that any man would kill over, just to touch her once. She had nice curves, was well fit, and she had a toned body. But when she was put on that boat, her old life ended, and her hell began.

    She was no longer the titled princess of her father's kingdom, she was simply a thing to be played with by other men until they had had their fill of her, or she proved to be no use anymore. This was her new life.
  2. Prince Pendus awoke expecting a normal day. Being a prince, he was more of a figure head until he became king. He could live without the stresses of kingship, for now. Pendus bathed and put on one of his many fine clothing selection. He was chosen to be the next King of Trysan out of his four brothers due to his stature. He was a tall man with broad shoulders. His black hair and pure blue eyes was the talk of many women. He was strong and battled often. He was his father's favorite son. Although Pendus was a burley man, his heart was soft. He longed for love and was kind to all. Unlike his father, mercy was something he practiced often. Once Pendus entered the royal chamber, his father was quick to address him. "Pendus! Pendus! Ha! Son, I have a splendid surprise for you my boy! You are grown man, and every man deserves a loyal servant. I had a streak of luck with the King of Euranica. Let's just say by sunset you will have a very pleasing present."

    Pendus stood confused. "Father, I do not understand. We have servants, why would we need another?" His father gave a low, growling laugh. "Ha, my boy! This is not a servant, per say, but a slave. It's the princess! She will have to obey you. Anything you say, she will do on command or perish!." As his father laughed once more, Pendus stood horrified. A slave? He didn't want a slave. Surely not to boss around. He wouldn't argue with his father, however.
  3. So, Adelaide had been sold to the King of Trysan. She wondered what kind of fate she would have in store here... Damn her father for doing this to her, she was his favourite daughter, the youngest of three daughters and two sons. Damn him.

    The boat finally had landed in the kingdom, and Adelaide was forced out into the sunlight by forceful hands.She had been below deck, in the dark, chained, and gagged, for almost four days with no food or water. To say the least, she was not too happy with the sun at this current moment in time as she closed her eyes against its rays. Adelaide was pushed onto the deck of the boat where she was met by the captain of it.

    Adelaide was lined up with the other girls on the ship and she started to cry silently. "Hello, ladies." The captain's breath was right in his face and she smelled the rum that he had recently drunk. This was her hell
  4. It was the next morning that Pendus was awoken early. The ship had arrived later than the King expected and frankly Pendus didn't want it to arrive at all. "Get proper Pendus, we are making are way to the docks to pick up my, well, our reward!" The King's laugh was distinct and carried throughout the castle. Once Pendus reluctantly was ready, the two made there way to the docks, guarded by several royal military officials and riding in the finest of carriages.

    Upon arrival, Pendus surveyed the scene. A line of women stood all looking miserable and malnourished. This was not a fate he wished on anyone. "Ah! Captain! Good to see you again my fine sir," The King began, almost forcing his son to walk beside him, "I see the shipment has arrived." He pulled the captain aside, and began whispering to him. Pendus clearly heard his voice due to its deep bellow. "I've saved the princess for my son here, he has never had a slave. The other four girls I ordered are to be sent to the castle." He then patted the Captain's shoulder and laughed. "Well then it's settled!" The King made his way directly to Adelaide. "Ooh, you are prettier than the tales of heard of you. It's sad that I may no longer refer to you as princess. Perhaps Pendus will, it's all about the fun right." At this point Pendus was ready to shove an apple down his father's laughing gullet.

    The former princess was led to the royal carriage and forced in. Pendus and his father soon followed. The entire ride back was filled with crude humor and morbid jokes. When they finally arrived at the castle, the King said his farewell to his son and new slave. "I have to make sure my presents are fit for me, have fun my son!"

    Pendus glared at the King then turned his focus towards Adelaide. "H-hello p-princess." Pendus muttered softly. This was going to be a difficult future.
  5. Adelaide whimpers as the Captain drags his paw of a finger down her dirt-smudged face. How dare he touch a princess like that! Well, //former// princess. She would have to get used to that. The captain allowed his eyes to her chest, and that only caused her to breathe harder, only furthering his staring. She closed her eyes and refused to let the tear that was threatening to cascade down her porcelain cheek.

    The captain paraded the girls and women up the ladder and onto the main deck where she saw a group of men gawking at the new slaves like they were pieces of meat. Adelaide was reviled by their unashamed gazes. She looked away, and the Captain forcefully shoved her chin so she was looking onward again. The tear did fall now, but as her hands were bound, she could not wipe it away.

    She heard a voice of authority and looked over to its source. She recognised the man as the King of Trysan. What was he doing here!

    She heard her fate being negotiated away and she did not care anymore, so she let the tears roll. She was then led away in her chains and shackles down the gangplank and presented to her new Owner & Master. She bowed her head like she was told to by the captain, and did the curtsy she learned when a royal member was met by another royal member of court.

    She met the princes gaze when she heard his greeting and, with a face full of tears, she opened her mouth to speak. "Good morrow, my lord. I am at your service." Her voice came out gravely as she had had no water to drink for some days now, so she hoped with her life that she had not offended him.
  6. "I-, you look like you haven't eaten or drank in days. Please come with me so I can feed you." He removed her bindings and led her to the kitchen. Food was almost always being made so he took what he thought was needed and led her to his room, not wanting to be found by his father. Once the two had reached his chambers, he pulled out a table and set the food upon it. There were meats, fruits, vegetables, and an assortment of wines and other drinks. "Please, eat. Anything here is yours, pr-princess." He knew fully her name, and worse that she was not a princess anymore, but still called her as such. The whole idea was morbid to him and Pendus did not know how to go about it.

    He briefly wiped her tears from her face with a soft stroke of his hand. "Please do not cry, I hate seeing people cry." Being the son of the King, he was very accustomed to women and even men bursting to tears in front oh him. It still unnerved Pendus and in order to stop her from crying, he tried to be as nice and pleasant as he could.
  7. Adelaide looked at all of the food laid out in front of her. She did not know what to do. Perhaps, this was a sick and morbid test? What was she to do? Eat the food? But then, perhaps that was the wrong answer and she would be punished for acting on her own. But, oh gods, was she hungry... But, no. She would wait until she had a specific order to eat -she did not wish to be hit.

    The former princess sat there at the table with her hands folded so tight that he knuckles were white. The prince came over and wiped her tears. She must stop crying! "Please do not cry, I hate seeing people cry." The prince was being too nice -a ruse, most surely. Adelaide said nothing in return, and continued her mindless staring.
  8. Pendus became nervous, was she ill of mind? "Please, eat. I want you too. I can eat with you, if this would make you more comfortable." Pendus then sat across the table from her. He poured two glasses of wine, sliding one to her, and took a bowl of grapes to his side. "I hope you like wine, if not I can fetch you another drink." He began to eat some of the grapes. The moment was awkward and Pendus kept his eyes on the table.

    There was nothing he could talk about. They were not friends, he knew nothing about her. To everyone else she was his slave. She was to do as he asked, no questions. But Pendus hated that idea. She was a beautiful woman, and he saw this. He, as did his father, heard many stories of how Adelaide was the fairest maiden in all the lands. Pendus could now confirm this, he had never seen such beauty from a woman. To think that she had been sold to slavery only made the sympathy grow within him.
  9. She was still wary of the prince and his invitation to eat with him. She hesitantly raised her green eyes and dared a quick glance at him. He was handsome, the rumours at her court had been true. The silly handmaid's and the lady's-in-waiting had been truthful. If she would be forced to do the things her new master asked of her, she was at least somewhat relieved that she did not have to do those things with some greasy, old codger.

    She raised her delicate hand to the grape bowl, and plucked off one. She never took her eyes off of the prince and gauged his reactions to everything she did. As she slowly raised the grape to her pink, full lips, she opened her mouth and started to put the grape in.
  10. Pendus managed to smile, and even laugh. "You don't have to wait for me to tell you what to do, honestly. I-," Pendus didn't want to bring up the whole slave idea but in order to get his point across he would have to, "I don't want to treat you like you are some scum, or a servant to me. You are a princess, a beautiful one at that. My father is a tyrant sometimes and this just shows it. I am afraid to say I can't return you to your kingdom, not now, but I am truthful when I say your time here will not be harsh. So, please, eat what you want. Drink all you want. You are no less of a person to me than anyone else. In fact, you are a princess, Adelaide."

    Pendus manged a smile with hopes she would believe him. He would understand if she thought this all just a lie to get her under a false impression. He would never hurt anyone without just reasons, especially not a princess.
  11. She burst into tears. She didn't know what to believe anymore. Was he toying with her again, or truly being genuine? She would have preferred to believe that latter, but the talkings and whispers of her slave shipmates had all gone to her head, and she expected the worse. The things that those women had experienced was terrible and Adelaide never wanted that fate to be hers. But what option did she have now? She would be the best player ((old english term for actor)) and play her part for her master. She could parade around in a mask of denial, and live in a facade in her mind. She would dearly miss those Masquerade balls... they had always been one of her favourite things. She would wear a beautiful mask of ignorance, and be the best slave she could to this prince. "Yes, thank you kind Sire. I will enjoy being here." She nodded her head at the prince, and plastered on a smile. If only the prince knew how fake it had been.
  12. Pendus took what she offered and let it at that. He would not push the subject and her tears only lessened his mood. She had every right to be distraught, confused, and surely she had the right to think him a liar. They sat in silence for the rest of the meal, but Pendus was at least happy she began to eat and drink. Once the meal had finished he cleaned the table and ordered a servant in to remove the dishes. Now they were alone again. Pendus had the least bit of clue on what to do.

    "What, what do you do for fun?" He was trying to see if he could engage in an activity she liked to bring her around. He was hopeless and needed anything at all to help him out. "We can do anything you'd like." Pendus offered in a soft, mellow voice.
  13. She would play his game. She thought of all the things she loved to do, and decided to tell him them. "I love masquerade balls, and riding horses. I am quite fond of animals, and I love to sing and play music. What do you like to do, Sire?" She was genuinely curious, and she was happy that she had not told the prince all of the things that caused her jolly. She wanted some sort of tie to her old life, and if by with holding a few truths here, and there, then so be it. She smoothed her severely wrinkled dress in a sad attempt to look presentable. She was still a princess, in her kingdom or not, and she had some respect for herself. She would never have worn something so dirty or filthy in her castle.

    But then she remembered that she would not be coddled and pampered anymore, -not that she was a greedy, or pompous! She was just simply born in fine cloths, and had never been in anything other then so.
  14. Pendus was happy that she had opened up. "Those are all fine things! Indeed! You like to sing? Perhaps you could sing something for me? If you want. I don't want to pressure you into anything." It was then tat Pendus realized how this could be taken for a game. Although he meant nothing but truth, the disguise of a sick game could be seen. It was too late to take back what he said, and instead waited for her reply. He would have to approach this differently. Pendus was a clever man, it would just take time to really get the idea of friendship into the beautiful woman's mind.
  15. The nerve the man, asking her to sing for him! But she had no right to be angry because her soul had been sold away into slavery. She felt the tears starting up again, but if she let another tear fall she would never forgive herself, and her new master may think her incompetent. She donned her mental mask and then curtsied to him. "Of course, Sire, as you wish." She closed her eyes and thought of a tune she could sing to please him. She would have to sing -he asked her too. And she dared no defy him, she had heard what happened to those women on the ship when they had gotten it into their heads to have mind and stand up to their masters. No, no... that would not be her.

    She launched into an a cappella rendition of one of her tunes that her mum had lolled her to sleep with: Greensleeves.
  16. Pendus was amazed by her voice. It was soft and eloquent. Once she had finished, Pendus clapped as if he had seen it a live showing. "That was incredible. Absolutely wonderful. Your voice is unlike any I have ever heard!" Once his praising had ceased, he suddenly struck an idea. He had a plan and hoped it would work. He stood up straight and with a stern face, which looked rather foolish, he imitated a deep voice. "From now on, by my command, you'll shall not call me sire. In fact, you shall address me as Pendus or whatever name you wish. Furthermore, should you feel the need to bring something to my attention: a complaint, inquiry, or idle chatter, you shall do so without hesitation. You will not treat me like your master. Do you understand this? Any signs of making me out to be superior will result in severe consequences," Pendus paused, and dropped the act, laughing slightly. "Actually there won't be any consequences but regardless, you must follow these orders, I guess."

    Pendus smiled and made his way to his bed and sat on the edge. "Do you want a change of clothes? We have much finer clothing that suits a princess such as yourself."
  17. The princess was dumbstruck. She was not to call her master Sire, but... his own name? Surely, that was another test. But Adelaide found herself tiring of thinking everything was a ruse. She missed being the carefree girl she had been -well, woman now really. So she decided to tap into her "old" self and bring out the carefree woman she was, and presented it her master. "As you wish, Si-... P-Pendus." That name of his would have to take some getting used to. Though she did find that she liked the his name rolled off of the edge of her tongue. She unconsciously reached a slender finger up to her lips and smiled as she thought of her name. Then, suddenly realising what she had been doing, snatches her hand down, and places it in her fist. "Y-yes, P-Pendus. I would fancy a new dress, if'n it does not trouble you, Sire." she downcast her eyes and found herself acting like her old handmaids. Is this how they feel in the presence of someone of power?
  18. Pendus did not care that he called him sire once more. She would stop soon enough, he hoped. "Great! Follow me, please." He took her by hand, amazed by the soft feeling, and led her outside his chambers to another room down the hall. There, in all it's glory, was a wardrobe room that stretched what seemed like forever. "The women's garments are to the right in the back. There is a changing room in the same place. Please feel free to whatever you want. There is jewelry and other accessories as well. I will wait for you outside. Take your time." Pendus smiled and then closed the door on her.

    If by some luck the King walked by just as he closed the door. He was thankful he did not see her. "Pendus! How is the princess? Did you get into her gown yet?" He laughed loudly and Pendus stared off. "Oh no, I haven't. I wouldn't think to!" The King stared on confused, and Pendus was quick to speak again. "To-to do that so early, I figure the night is the best time for that." It took awhile, but finally the King smiled. "That's my boy! Where is the little slave." "Adelaide is in my room. I told her to wait while I attended some business. She is very obedient father." The King again laughed, he liked doing that, and patted his son on the back. "I see, very good, well I'll leave you to your business as I have my own to attend to in town. I'll be out until tomorrow morning. Have fun tonight my boy!" With that the King was off, and Pendus let out a giant sigh of relief.
  19. Adelaide was left to her own devices in this room of gowns. She feared she would get lost in so many! She wandered from the blue section, to the orange, and then... to the red. She was admiring one particular gown and the prince had said she was allowed to wear whatever she liked...

    She ducked behind the dressing screen and stepped out of her now tattered gown and into the new one. The red gown had a corseted bodice with black lace trimming all around. The mounds of skirts were a little troublesome to get into at first as the princess had never dressed herself before. She laughed to herself at the absurdity of that. Had she truly been so pampered?

    Once into the skirts, she tied them up and tied her underskirts. She then slipped her arms into the sleeves of the top part and she looked around for help, but there was none. How was she to tie a corset up by herself? She held up the top part of her dress with her one hand, and with the other free one, she picked up her skirts and walked barefoot up to the door where the prince waited. She knocked on the door. "Pendus, I fear I cannot dress properly." She waited for a response, but all she could hear were the prince's questioning of what she had said. Were the doors too thick for her to be heard properly? She opened the door, and poked her head out. She was blushing like mad, and her shoulder and collarbones were bare as she leaned her body against the door. "Pendus?"
  20. "Oh, Adelaide, you need help?" Her nods suggested so and he slipped into the room. "That's a fine selection you have there." Pendus admired her pure beauty for a moment before assessing the situation. It was obvious her corset needed tying. "I can tie it." Pendus said in a soft voice. She turned her back to him and he slowly reached for the laces, nervous not to strike any fear into her. "I'll try not to tie it too tight, just let me know." With that he began on the corset. It was failry simple, even for never doing it before in his life. Once it began to tighten, he moved slower, as to gauge any reactions. Once the ok was given he released the laces and she turned back to him. Pendus couldn't help but smile. " look amazing Adelaide. I-I can get you servants to help dress you in the future, my apologies. Shall we make our way back to my chambers, or do you have other plans in mind. My father is out for the night so the castle is empty, if you know what I mean." He laughed slightly at that.