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    Through the realms of myth and legend there have been many instances of humans being given fire by a higher being - The most well-known of which is Prometheus stealing it and in turn, punished by being chained to a rock and having his liver pecked out by a bird every single day only for it to grow back, and the cycle to continue.

    But all of these benefactors, in whatever incarnation, did not give us fire in the literal sense.

    This brings us back to a time where nightmares truly walked the Earth (and a dozen other realms), where true monsters came out of the shadows and where the people prayed every night that they would live to see another sunrise.

    They were the reasons why us mortals fear the darkness.

    These beings, whatever they were, they took pity upon us. They gave us the fire to chase away the darkness.

    In short, they made some of us and these monsters equals.

    All we know was that these beings did not stay for long after they helped us, which was why the myths of them being punished by their superiors came about. After they gifted us with the necessary means to protect ourselves, our homes and our loved ones from the darkness they also made sure that this spark would not die out in a single generation. They made sure that this spark would be passed down from father to son, from mother to daughter and by doing this, they ensured the survival of the human race.

    However, the flaws of humans seem to be only amplified by the reception of power. Out from these "gifted" ones rose those that would rather use these powers to dominate and rule and kill instead of protect.

    You would know the most well-known ones - Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler and many, many more. All you have to do is look.

    Not without our redeeming qualities, others have risen up to combat those who would enforce their will upon others. They will be the ones that fight against these tyrants for no reward whatsoever, because they know that they tried.

    Their efforts were not in vain. Although many wars were fought and many lives were lost, the darkness managed to be contained. The last, major battle in which the darkness was pushed back into the shadows were they belonged was the Second World War. After that, we humans lived completely oblivious to the existence of such monstrosities, finding comfort that they only exist in fiction and our dreams and nowhere else.

    As the saying goes, strength comes to those in numbers. Those gifted that wish to use their powers for the greater good came together and they became one. A cohesive, elite unite of warriors, mages, scholars that live not only day-to-day lives and also that of fighting and concealing the existence of the darkness. Despite it being weakened greatly since the last World War, they remain a big threat for some of the darkness are as powerful as gods - Or they are those whom we have worshiped as gods themselves.

    They called themselves "Solas", and their motto was in Latin; Fiet lux. It translated in English to the phrase "Let There Be Light".

    And this is their story.

    The Law

    1. This roleplay may contain violence and nudity and all the icky stuff. I am portraying these monsters as gruesome as they can be and I'm not about to shortchange (First part of the code: Fiet) any of my players by censoring stuff. If you are not into this sort of vivid detail, this roleplay is not for you.

    2. No God-modding, Powerplaying, Metagaming and all sorts of no-nos in roleplays, in case it wasn't assumed already.

    3. Do not post in the IC thread until I stamp an approval on your character sheet. If there is a problem with your character I will throw you a PM and we can work things out there.

    4. This roleplay will be separated into "chapters", each one with the members of Solas fighting against a different threat. This allows characters to join any time through the game and also for people to drop out lest they lose interest and come back whenever they want to. If you have an idea for a chapter, do PM me about your idea since I'm not exactly creative and I haven't come up with any ideas for episodes yet.

    5. When creating a character, you are allowed to be non-human. This means dwarves, elves, vampires, werewolves and the like. However, do describe what your species allows you to do as we all have different perceptions of each fantasy race. To allow people who wish to play the same species but have different genetic abilities do categorize the one you're playing into its own subspecies, e.g. Lycanthrope, Loup Garou, Succubus and such. If the species you would like to play is more obscure or possibly overpowered, PM me beforehand.

    6. Try to discuss amongst each other and have some characters know each other beforehand, or at least heard of each other so we don't have to go through any awkward introductions, since that's how many, many roleplays die even before they got to the good parts.

    7. Post as much as possible (at least once a week) and don't hold up the storyline. I will hijack your character if needed.

    8. Keep OOC from IC. Don't get annoyed if someone's character backstabs your own IC - It's all for the sake of roleplay and it's nothing personal. If you think that someone is doing so because of OOC spite PM me and I'll do my best to mediate things.

    9. Include a brief summary of your post if it contains more than (Second part of the code: Lux) a paragraph of seven lines so it is easy for people to catch up. And do check your summaries to make sure you don't miss out any details, lest it leads to continuity issues and things start appearing out of midair.

    10. READ THE SUMMARIES! I emphasize this rule greatly.

    11. When in doubt, PM the GM. If you want your character to do something but you're unsure if it's a good idea to do so or if it's breaking the rules or too extreme, throw me a PM so I can get a heads up and if it's too extreme we can talk about it.

    ‚ÄčCharacter Sheet

    Personal Information
    Name: Self-explanatory.
    Species: Self-explanatory.
    Age: Self-explanatory.
    Gender: Self-explanatory.
    Height: In metrics.
    Weight: In metrics.
    Appearance: Picture or good sized paragraph.

    Combat Information
    Weapon(s): Whatever outstanding weapons you have, miscellaneous knives and such don't count.
    Abilities: Powers.
    Skills: Stuff that you don't need powers to do, like swordsmanship.
    Miscellaneous Equipment: Armour and all that shiz.

    Background Information
    Personality: Describe your character in five words, e.g. Brave, handsome, kind, honourable, strong.
    History: Optional, but preferred. Point form is fine.
    Pass Code:

    Note Regarding Abilities

    I'm leaving this section of the character sheet mainly free-form. I won't place too many restrictions on the abilities a character can have but please have some common sense. Basically, don't try to make yourself a god, like I've stated in the rules. An ability can range from anything, and it can stem from anything either, be it a magical artifact, the magic that runs in your blood or if it's a genetic ability. Do state explicitly the limits of your abilities and it's drawbacks, because it isn't fun for everyone if you're too powerful and it just drives them to try and up their powers so that they can compete with what you have.

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    Open to suggestions.
    Yeah I know, I'm a lousy GM.
    Looking for a co-GM too.
  4. Still working on it but...

    Personal Information
    Name: Rodger Young
    Species: Human
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 74 Kilos
    Appearance: (Pending)

    Combat Information
    Weapon(s): While he does not always carry all of them at once Rodger does possess the following:

    FN P90: A rather futuristic looking automatic weapon designated as a Personal Defense Weapon (or PDW). It is smaller then most submachineguns but fills the same niche. It fires 5.7mm rounds and has a 50 round magizine. Rodger carries this when he can as a primary weapon, however due to it's nature and laws on automatic weaponry it might not be that often.

    Remington 870: If any there was a basic pump action shotgun this would be it. It is a stockless Express model with a pistol grip chambered to fire 20 gauge shells. Of note the plugs have been removed to allow for all of the magizine to be utilized, giving it a 8 round tube magizine.

    Colt 1911A1: While not one of the orginal models, Rodger's works just as well. The timeless classic, a pistol chambered in .45 calibur ACP with a 8 round magizine. It is both ugly and beutiful at the same time and provides enough punch to knock someone down and make them think real hard about getting back up.

    KA-BAR: Useful as a backup as needed Rodger owns an old fighting knife.

    Abilities: Powers.
    Skills: Stuff that you don't need powers to do, like swordsmanship.
    Miscellaneous Equipment: Armour and all that shiz.

    Background Information
    Personality: Describe your character in five words, e.g. Brave, handsome, kind, honourable, strong.
    History: Optional, but preferred. Point form is fine.
    Pass Code:

    EDIT: All fixed now.