Sohma Family Curse: Broken?

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  1. Kasey glanced down the hallway, slightly confused on where she was supposed to be going exactly. She had been told to meet one of the teachers for an internship she was supposed to work for, but she had absolutely no idea where she was supposed to be in the school.

    Alex looked at his schedule, then the doors to the school, then back at his schedule. How was he supposed to read this? He groaned inwardly. He'd just signed up for extra classes at some high school that gave college prep classes, ones he should have taken and didn't.
    Of course, how was he supposed to know you had to have a Photography credit before you could be a journalist? He stepped inside, looking around the empty halls. "Oh.." he muttered as he realized he was late.
  2. Hatori say in his chair looking out the window and turned his head when he saw a young women come in. He examined her from head to toe she was pretty but nothing special he sighed and took a deep breath "sit down your late." He got up and graves a piece of chalk and wrote out his name Hatori Soma "my name is Hatori soma you can call me soma or Hatori I really don't care." "You will be my intern for my next 5 months at my clinic if you don't have any questions let's begin.

    Mica was walking down one of the hall ways of the school when she saw a many looking stupid. She walked up to the man and poked his knee "hey Mr you lost" she said it in a teasing voice and she looks up at him. She had her hood pulled on so it looked like her ears had twitched when she looked at the man.
  3. Kasey sighed in relief. She found it! Sitting down, she crossed her ankles and rested her elbows on the desk, her arms crossed over the notebook she brought with her as she leaned forwards, listening and watching. She shook her head at the mention of questions.

    Alex looked down at the little girl. "Umm...I kinda am." He said, kneeling down. His shoulders now lined up with her eyes. He looked down at her curiously. "I'm Alex." He said with a small smile. "Do you know where room 204 is?" He asked, rubbing the back of his neck. He wondered why such a little girl was here.
  4. Hatori grabbed his cost and slung it over his shoulders and looked back at kasey meet me at my clinic at noon and we shall begin until then class dismissed. He didn't realize what the time was but he new that he had to go find mica so she could take her medicine. Hoping that she was right where he had left her he opened the door to a music room but she wasn't there. He spin around on his heels and started to walk up and down the hallways yelling mica.

    Micas eyes brightens up that's "that's uncle hatori class come on I'll show you." She spun around and took of running and she opened the door and say a girl in there and she raised her eye brow "you no uncle Hatori where is uncle Hatori"
  5. Caught off guard by her sudden exit, Alex followed, easily catching up. He stopped and glanced in the door.

    Kasey had just stood, her back on her shoulder. "Uncle Hat-" she paused, "oh. He just left..." She said, looking from her to Alex. "Are you Mica?" She asked the little girl, walking over.

    Alex looked at Kasey, then back down the hallway. Did he just miss the entire class?!
  6. Mica nodded her head and her body started to shake and she started to cry "I WANT MY UNCLE" Tears started poor down her face as she rocked back and forth. She had never been away from her uncle for longer than a few hours this was to much for her to handle. She wanted to see her mommy and her daddy but she new that wasn't going to happen for a long time. Her body continued to shake as she berried her face into her hands and cry.

    Hatori was on the whole other side of the school still searching for Mica he sighed and took a deep breath and decided to retrace his steps so off he went. He was extremly annoyed that the little girl wouldn't just stay where he put her 'why does she have to travel around' he thought to himself as he walked back twoard's his classroom.
  7. Alex jumped at her sudden exclamation. "Hey...uhh..." He knelt down beside her. "Hey, it's okay. Look, I'll help you find him?" He asked softly, putting a hand on her shoulder.

    Kasey slipped past them, glancing both ways down the hall. He went left.. She started quickly down the hall. She turned down a few halls before stopping as she saw him. "Hey, I found Mica... She's crying in your class." She said, pointing behind her.
  8. Micas body froze and she turned her head towards the boy and her whole body shook and a large white cloud formed around her and she ran behind the door all that was left where her clothing. She cowered behind the door realized that she was in her tiger form she hissed at the kid to get away from her she didn't want him to see her like this.

    Hatori saw the girl and with a sigh of relief ran towards her "ow thank you I'm sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you most of the time shes where she needs to be but sometimes she likes to wonder around. He got on his knees and bowed all the way to the ground with his forehead resting on the floor "please accept my dearest apologize."
  9. Kasey stared at him a moment. "Umm, you're fine...but you might want to get to her. She didn't look to happy." Kasey knelt beside him, offering him her hand.

    Alex blinked in surprise. "uhh...Mica? What's...going on?" He said, speechless in the door, his eyes wide and his gaze locked on the door.
  10. Mica hissed again and curled up in a tight ball "go away." She moved from the door to behind the teachers desk and hid under it. All that Alex could see was a white and blacked stripped tail. "Go before he hurts you before he takes your memories like he took uncles girlfriend." She was trying to warn Alex why wouldn't he go. She pleaded in her mind for him to leave.

    Hatori took Kaseys hand and he got up and hurried back to his class room where he saw Micas clothing he cursed under his breath and saw Alex and narrowed his eyes "what did you do to her."
  11. Alex threw his hands up. "She was crying and I tried to help her!" He said.

    Kasey sighed. "He was trying to do that when I left to find you." she agreed.

    "I'm just looking for my photography class, I swear. She said it was 204?" He looked confused, slightly scared, and more or less worried.
  12. Hatori nodded his head "this is room 204 but I thought my photography class wasn't for another 30 minutes." He sighed and cleared his thought "this has been a lot of excitement for one day wouldn't you all agree." He glanced between the two students and took of his coat and went over to the desk and picked up mica and petted her head."

    Mica laid curled up in the coat as a extremely small white tiger and she purred quietly "Uncle don't let them see me." She tried to hide under the boat but couldn't get very far under it.

    Hatori sighed "hush Mica they where going to find out sooner or latter" He glanced over at the two students "are you two going to be staying at the Soma residents during the school year?"
  13. Kasey looked slightly confused, but seemed to be okay with it. "I'm not exactly sure where I'm staying...I just got dropped off by my parents." She smiled shyly with a faint shrug.

    Alex shook his head lightly. "I've got a rented room down the street. It's a friend of mine's house." He said, standing and brushing his knees off. "Umm...m-may I ask she kinda...turned into a tiger?" He asked.

    Kasey was watching Mica with an almost curious look. "Is it a genetic thing?" She asked curiously. It seemed like it.
  14. Hatori sighed and shook his head "no it's neither of those things it's a cure that has been handed down generation after generation sadly it happened to fall onto Mica when she was born." He rubbed between Micas ears and glanced over at Kasey "you can stay with Mica and her family if you wish or you can stay at my Pharmacy its big enough for two people." He set Mica down.

    Mica climbed out of the coat and she started to walk around the room and then she started to paw at Kaseys leg and purred.
  15. Kasey nodded. "I don't know...uhh...I'm going to let you two discuss that." she said with a shy smile as she looked down at Mica. "That doesn't sound fun." She said as she kneeled down, gently petting the small cat. "You're still cute like this though." she said with a smile.

    Alex stared a moment. "Wh-what causes it?" He asked, watching Kasey and Mica with a strange expression. It was almost like he was afraid and curious at the same time.
  16. Mica purred and pawed at Kaseys hands and she sat down on Kaseys feet and kept playing with her hand and she looked at her uncle and nodded her head to him saying that i was okay if she stayed with them for a while. She new that her mother and father weren't coming home anytime soon anyways so they had a few spare bedrooms,

    Hatori looked at Kasey "its fine for Mica then its fine for me." He turned his attention back to Alex and sighed "Nobody honestly knows all that we know is that when a a person like Mica comes in to much psychical contact with the opposite sex then they turn into there Zodiac animal." He glanced over at Mica "Micas mother is close to finding out the true reason."

    Micas ears lowered when Hatori started to talk about her mother.
  17. "Ooooooooohhh...." Alex rubbed the back of his neck. "I touched her shoulder..." He said with a nervous chuckle.

    Kasey picked up the little tiger girl in one arm, letting her play with her other hand as she sat back, setting the little tiger down in her lap. "Okay." she said simply to Hatori's response. She smiled, petting the tiger softly with one hand, letting her play with the other.

    Alex leaned against the wall, sighing. "I'm sorry for causing a problem..." He said, looking at his feet. "I didn't know about all this." His blonde hair fell in front of his bright green eyes.
  18. Hatori shock his head "it's no problem at all honestly it was about time for her first transformation the head of the Soma house hold was getting very anxious about it." He looked at Alex and patted his shoulder "don't worry about it Alex its not the first time and it wont be the last time that new things will surprise you. He turned his attention back to Mica. "once you transform back can you please take our new house guest to your mothers home I need to go report in before somebody ells does."

    Mica nodded her head and then she wined and took a deep breath "don't tell him that they saw me uncle promise me." She had a worried look on her face before she stood up and wined some more. "Please don't take anymore friends away from me uncle." She pleaded to him and her body started to shake.

    Hatori looked at Mica and sighed "I won't lie to him but if the question does arise I wont name names Mica now try and change back before anything happens. "Ow and Miss. Kasey Mr. Alex if you would do my family the honor of not going and telling anybody about this that would make this transition much better. Mr Alex I will see you tomorrow for class and Miss. Kasey I will come by the Soma residence and check up on you latter." With that Hatori bowed and left the room.
  19. Alex relaxed only a little. "Oh, I won't tell anyone, Promise." He smiled.

    Kasey giggled softly. "I wouldn't tell anyone." she said, a small glint in her eyes. A thought, an idea. She looked back down at Mica, the glint gone. She held Mica close. "You're so fuzzy." She giggled softly.

    Alex watched them a moment before kneeling down beside them. "I really am sorry Mica." He said apologetically.
  20. Mica purred wait till i get older I can be like you over sized pillow." She giggled and curled up in a ball and she looked at Alex "No its fine I honestly want to thank you for what you did with out your help I would have been taken away from my mother and father until I could properly change." She giggled and looked between the two of them "you two would be a really cute couple like my mommy and daddy."

    Hatori got in his car and started to drive to the Soma community to report the progress of Mica.
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