Soft Sci-Fi Nation RP

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  1. Howdy folks! I have always liked playing Nation RPs, in which players control entire nations on the world stage. I like writing from all the viewpoints, I like the grandness of the actions and betrayals, and I like talking through interesting conflicts. So I thought, "Why not run one?". So yeah, I'm doing that.

    The setting will be the Milky Way galaxy, two thousand years in the future: Humanity has expanded its reach across the stars, and its once-great empire has fragmented after the destruction of the Solar System. Hundreds of sentient alien species have been found, and humanity has taken its places on the galactic stage of complicated politics and sprawling alliance systems. Players will either play a human faction or play as an alien interstellar nation, in a soft-sci-fi galaxy on the precipice of apocalyptic war.

    Players are always welcome to come into the game, but I would prefer people who are not resolved to post every few days at the least, and are willing to put a fair amount of effort into the posts. Other than that, I've got no other requirements, so I hope y'all will join me and make this RP great.
  2. Interested.
  3. Good to hear! Get friends/acquaintances/rivals in here so we can get started. I think we'll need about 5 people to justify starting this thing.
  4. Well, I can suggest you add some more background information. Outline the world and get some pictures to go along with it. That usually get people out of their chair.
  5. I'll definitely bite~
    I've had a hankering for a nation roleplay for a while, and recently I also wanted a sci-fi roleplay. This thread hit two birds with one stone for me.

    Permit me to ask this first: Is it possible for the players' nations to be of a mechanical/robotic nature? I have this particular nation of robots I reserve for large-scale sci-fi roleplays, terrible with technology but with terrifying industrial prowess.
    I have other ideas though, in case you don't want robotic nations.
  6. How exactly would we go about playing these nations?
  7. I'd be interested!
  8. Yes sounds good! Great creative potential
  9. Placing interest here.
  10. I was in one of these a while ago, but it unfortunately fell through, so if you can get this up and running, I'd certainly be interested.