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  1. It was a regular Tuesday night. The cafe was filled with its usual customers, here for the usual Open Mic night. The cafe got quiet as the owner walked up to the mic, tapping it to test the sound. "Hello everyone! Welcome to Black Velvet's Open Mic night!" Some of the customers clapped, making the owner smile a bit wider. "We've got some of our regular performers here tonight, and if you would help me welcome our first performer!" The crowd applauded again, as he walked offstage.
    The first performer was a young blonde woman, playing the piano and singing Sweet Dreams. Off to the side, Marcus tuned his guitar. He was up next and he had a new song he was going to sing tonight. He brushed back his short black hair with his hand, waiting for the song to end.
  2. Krystal was dragged into the cafe by her best friend. She originally didn't want to come tonight, but when begging was present, how could she say no?
    It was better than being annoyed for an hour about how much she should go to the cafe. And for what reason? To see a performer.
    She was told that watching live guitarists could also help improve her playing, how could she say no to that?
    Everyone seemed to like this Marcus guy, but for some reason, Krystal just wasn't interested.
    Her and her friend took a seat and watched the first performance.
  3. The first performer finished and the audience gave their usual applause. The owner got up to the mic with a wide grin. "Give it up for Marcy, guys! Now our next artist you probably know. He's a regular around here and a great musician: Marcus!" The crowd applauded louder as Marcus walked on stage, in just a plain white t-shirt and worn jeans. He sat on the stool and rested his guitar on one leg, pulling the mic stand closer.
    After last night, we was up at Joe's,
    drinkin' divebombs fallin' like dominoes.
    So they say, the story goes.
    Cut to the chase for the sake of time,
    lay your head in my lap and I'll read your mind 'til I'm...
    stone crazy.
    Stepped to the plate, pointed to the fence,
    like Babe Ruth swingin' in the back of the Benz.
    Just another unforgettable night in California
    that no one seems to remember...
  4. The two girls listened to Marcus sing his song.
    Krystal thought he sounded good, but she seemed almost bored. She looked at his fingers in the fret board as he played the guitar and sung his song.
    'Not bad' she thought to herself.
  5. He finished playing the song, taking a bow at the end. More of the audience applauded as he got up and took a bow, slinging his guitar over his shoulder as he walked off. The owner got back on the mic, applauding with the crowd. "That was Marcus, everybody! Now, we have a new performer with us tonight..."
    He trailed on before the next act went onstage, giving Marcus a chance to sit at a table and put his gutiar in its case. He ordered a cup of coffee and relaxed in the booth in the corner, leaning back with his arms over his head.
  6. Krystal and her friend continued on watching the performance.
    By the time it was over, everyone began to applaud, including Krystal, thinking it was the polite thing to do.
    It wasn't all worthless, she did enjoy music, but to others she looked almost bored that she was there.
  7. Marcus looked around and their only seemed to be one bored face in the room. Her friend seemed excited, certainly, but she looked like she'd rather be somewhere else. He thought for a moment, grabbing a napkin and scrawling out a note.
    Hey, you look like you'd rather be at home. Your friend over there "convince" you to come in?
    Once the waitress came over with his coffee, he asked her to pass it over.
  8. Krystal waited patiently for the next performance.
    She might not have wanted to come in the first place, but it was a lot better than what should would have done at home.
    Just then a waitress came over and handed a napkin that had a note on it.
    Krystal looked up and in the direction the waitress came from. The note must have been from Marcus.
    She took the pen and wrote her answer down on the bottom of the message.
    'You could say that.' the girl wrote and sent the waitress back to where the note came from.
  9. He got the note and smiled a bit, thinking. Well, they are in a cafe after all, so the least he could do is order her a cup of coffee. He took a sip of his own before writing another note, even giving the waitress a tip to deal with these shenanigans.
    Why don't you let me buy you a cup of coffee? We are in a cafe, you know.
  10. The waitress came back, handing Krystal another note.
    She looked up at the guy who sent it before writing her reply. It's your money. Keep it.
    Krystal was flattered by the offer, but it wouldn't be right for her to accept it. It wasn't her money and she'd rather not have someone pay for her, even if it was for something as small as a coffee.

    ((Sorry, I didn't know you answered))
  11. He smirked at the note as the waitress handed it back to him. Marcus let her get to her other customers before passing her another note to bring over, determined.
    If you're sure, then. I'm probably going to go one for one more song if no one else is before I head out. Come on over if you want... or maybe I'll catch you around.
    He hummed to one of his tunes in progress as he scribbled down a couple more notes in his little memo pad, thinking with a slight smile.

    ((it happens))
  12. Krystal waited for his note back.
    When the waitress came back, she ordered herself a coffee instead of having Marcus do so. She read the note before writing her own reply down.
    We'll see.
    She wrote with a small smile. She couldn't guarantee that she'll see him around, but it would be nice to. He did seem like a pretty nice guy.
  13. Since everyone had done their song one time around, they had the chance to go up again. As promised, Marcus went up for another song, getting another round of applause as he sat at the stool onstage, resting his guitar on his knee again. The whole song he looked at nobody in particular until the last bit, looking back up where Krystal sat.
    If you ever bother asking me if love is really true
    I would stare you in the face and say it's looking right at you
    If I really understood you better than you know yourself
    Then I know I'm perfect for you and nobody else​
  14. Krystal listened to Marcus' song as she sipped her coffee.
    The last time he was up Krystal gave no thought. She was clearly bored and it was obvious she didn't want to be there.
    The second time Marcus was up on, Krystal listened. It was still clear she didn't want to be there, but this time she didn't seem as bored.
    When the last bit was sung, Krystal realized Marcus looking directly at her, causing her to look away, down at her half empty coffee cup.
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