Soft Drinks

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  1. So, I'm sure many people here love some type of soda. There are many types and flavors and different kinds.
    OH MAN! How does one get through them all?
    My favorite soft drink is..

    This is possibly THE greatest soft drink in the world...In my opinion.
    The taste is unparalleled.

    Tell me Iwaku..What is your favorite soft drink? And why?

    How often do you drink it?

    Every other soda can kiss my ass. Except Root Beer. That is my FAVORITE SODA. And not that nast Mug or A&W garbage. BARQ'S. BECAUSE IT BITES PEOPLE.

  3. Virgil's Cream Soda: it's my favorite soda of all time, after Journey Twisted Bean Vanilla Brew (which has long since gone out of production, sadly). I'm also partial to Mexican Coke if I want something caffeinated.
  4. Sprecher Root Beer

  5. I like root beer, ginger ale, and variations of coke, typically. Sometimes something like cherry cream. I can't say much for things I consistently drink, because I'm not a big soda drinker and I can hardly finish a single glass of any soda though. ><
  6. I don't drink soft drinks. = x=
    They make mah head go
    and my tummy go

  7. I'm scared to drink soda because I'm on a diet :3
    &also because it's reallyreallyreally BAD for your teeth c: &I have low calcium :&

    BUTTT. I used to drink a lot of PEPSI & SUNKIST.

    Honestly, though, I could recognize them by taste, but I haven't tasted anything special :(
  8. [​IMG]

    Jamaican Sof Drink! Yes.. Sof!


  9. Barq's Root Beer and Red Cream Soda.

  10. Forgot to add. I love Ginger Beer!
  11. I'm going to sound like a lush, but, the ony time I have soda is if there's booze in it.

    .... Want me a Smith & Wesson now!
  12. I don't drink that much soda. I usually go for tea instead. So it's hard to say what my favorite kind is. I am kind of partial to fruit-flavored sodas like Fanta, and I like the tongue-feel of lemon-lime sodas... All time favorite would probably have to be ginger ale, if I have enough options, I'll probably take that.


    So. I used to drink several a day. That is a bad thing. I am trying to kick my coke addiction. That shit ain't easy.

    I am now down to MAYBE one a day and now most of the time I can go a few days without having one. 8D

    ....I still get all crazy stabbing hobo when someone drinks the cherry coke, though. And it sure as hell better not be the LAST cherry coke, I flip my top like a psycho. D:
  14. Barq's Root Beer.

    The only way to improve upon it is to make it into a root beer float.

    I also rather like Mountain Dew.


    Look'it all of those flavors. That's not even every one.
  15. I don't drink much soda, I think root beer would be my favorite though. Also pepsi max for the caffeine!