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  1. Symphonies of Destiny: The Chorus Academy.
    Everything in our world have its own rhythm, from the grass on the ground to the clouds in the sky everything is part of the symphony of life. However this does not mean that every thing is in harmony and balance, different styles clash and different chords create chaos around the world.

    When the rain drums the ground to pieces, the wind strokes trees down and thunderbolts soars and whistles across the skies to strike anything it wishes. It is then balance need to be restored.

    And just as there are those that upset this balance, there are those who's tasked with restoring it. This is where the Chorus Academy come in.

    The students of the Chorus Academy is training and taught in the ways of music. This allow them to take control or change the rhythm of the world to restore balance. Or to defeat those who upset it.

    -Do you wish to attend?
  2. This is interesting.
  3. Thank you ^^
  4. Well I told people I might try a music based Rp soe here it is xD.
  5. hehe. I love music!
  6. I'm Trying to think of a banner xD...

    And so far The Rp idea is to have 2 types of students.

    -:The Directors "Those who study the physical arts of the Symphony of life and aim to control it. Directors are able to learn to control the Rhythm and direction of a Symphony, taking direct control of in which direction a river will flow or how quickly it will do so. Change how the wind howls or feel like but a gentle breeze. Directors also mostly specialize in close combat, allowing them to strike enemies directly with their Directory tools.

    -"The Musicians" "Those who study the mental arts of the Symphony of Life and aim to change it. Musicians are able to learn to listen and heed the Symphony of life, this allows them to play In harmony or against the natural rhythm. Causing symphonies to change, turning water into magma, wind into hail. They deal with natural transmutations usually requiring more concentration and focus. They can work as healer and support, or as a more ranged focused attacker.

    Usually students are expected to work in pairs of at least two. One director and One Musician. Even if an orchestra might be needed for big changes in the world, small bands can do quite much by working together.
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  7. You know I'm in... be good to have other music ones running.
  8. Awesome
  9. I'd want to be a musician.:)
  10. Cool I want to be a Director =}
  11. Not quite solid on my understanding of all this, but I think it's interesting.

    I imagine sharing music might be important? xD
  12. Glad to hear ^^

    And well, just imagine a world built on magic. Everyone wouldn't notice it, but those who are trained in the arts of music can both see and hear the melodies around them.
  13. I'd like to join this if possible. It seems quite interesting and since it has magic and music... Well, let's just say I can't help but be involved in it.
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  14. I'm interested.
  15. Cool, I will get it up once I get time at a pc.
  16. Well sorry for the delays, I will try to get it up xD
  17. Hey. Just wanted to check in. I apologize for how inactive I've been.
  18. Its okay ^^, I was going to start this one up when I have the time xD...
  19. Also interested! :)
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