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  1. I want to run a social rp where your characters would try to make it big in a complicated and ruthless society through a combination of slyness, wiles, courage, intrigues, guts, prowess and all of such things you can thing would help them go upwards from mere Va-Nu-Pieds to, perhaps, the leaders of their nation.

    For that to happens I need two things: some interest and a choice:

    Alternate Historical or Futuristic?
  2. Count me in if this is Alternate Historical, especially if it's AU. ^^
  3. Excellent, Alternate History it is :)!
    Do you have wishes or suggestions as to what you would like to see in the roleplay?
  4. Hmm. I tend to really like the idea of nepotistic oligarchies based on family name, where only a handfew of families hold power and hoard it to themselves. An outsider trying to break in would have difficulty without a tie to at least one of the power-holding families, but even within the families rivalry between siblings & cousins could become fierce. Something along the lines of the great houses from GoT/ASoIaF, maybe?
  5. What of the setting you would like, more along the lines of Medieval or something closer to the Modern Era? Or even something Antiquity-like?
  6. Antiquity or Classical could be really fun. ^^ Or something Victorian/Steampunk, even.
  7. Alright, antiquity it is :)!
    I want to switch it up, so it'll be a matriarchal society with men being forced to enroll in the army to earn a place in a family.
  8. Me gusta. ^^ I've done pretty much the exact same setup before (with a Drow culture, though) and it ended up pretty awesome.
  9. What would you say if I started the OOC and we got around like usual in hope of some people joining?
  10. Sounds fine to me. ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.